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The first comment is pretty good: "Keep your regulations out of my Internet. Please." "Networks start out open and then rapidly swing closed as they are increasingly commercialized." is a pile of BS. The reality is that: "Networks start out open and then rapidly swing closed as they are increasingly regulated". The internet is very commercialized. It's also very open. To see the other part of argument, let's take, your OWN example, Jeff. AT&T is not a monopoly that arose and kept its monopoly as part of fair and square competition. Your example is a monopoly that used GOVERNMENT as a means of crushing its comptetors. Which is, of course, the real problem. Net Neutrality is the way for monopolies to crush thier smaller competetion. Net Neutrality does not prohibit laying your own cable for your own traffic, nor should it. Google and microsoft do this, for example. Net Neutrality does not prohibit using edge caching like Akamai to speed up your traffic, nor should it. Both of those make the internet inherently faster. The big players can always pay money to speed up thier traffic. This is a fact that will not change. Net Neutrality does prohibits the medium/smaller players to talk directly with ISP for speeding up thier traffic, which is the same unfairness you claim to deplore. On top of that, Net Neutrality makes connecting more devices to the net inherently difficult. If you can't hookup a heart monitor and have it's traffic preferred, it will be drowned in the sea of porn. I am a little disappointed in this article :(
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2011 on The Importance of Net Neutrality at Coding Horror
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Feb 18, 2011