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@Jarrett I do appreciate your position; you believe that a professional in your field should present the advantages of a good transit grid, without emphasizing the mean of transportation. I respect that and I believe that it should be the standard, in an ideal world. Unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world; we live in world riddled with preconceptions, personal and/or political interests and general stupidity. And we cannot escape from that reality.
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Can good transit stimulate development? That's a clear rhetorical question to which the answer is: of course yes! But then we have to find an agreement on what "good" means, relative to transit. Jarrett Walker has his answer to that question, that does not coincide with mine. He thinks that "frequency is freedom" irregardless of the mean, but I beg to differ. And then we're back to the usual argument "rail vs. bus" that has been discussed at length here and elsewhere...
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I've read most of it and it is the usual meme "BRT is about 1/3 cheaper than a tramway (unless you need real capacity) and it can be as nice as a tramway (unless you want to integrate it in a dense urban environment) and people might like it almost as a tramway (unless they have already the real thing around)" I wasn't buying it the first time I heard it and I am not buying it now
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May 26, 2012