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Kira Paderborn
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The problem is that they are so concerned with getting the big companies in here that they are killing what we all came here for and that is to get away from RL and all the big companies. And all the changes they have made to get the big companies in here have hurt the little person like me...and me and the other little people are what makes this place.....and we are slowly leaving...and they are slowly dying.....and everyone from LL keeps saying that everything is same as always. It is all going well and all is dandy. While, in the mean time, my sim cannot be found in search any more and neither can the sims of a ton of other people. All of my designer friends are leaving and the in world stores are basically useless. Why do people need land when they can sell on XStreet? Especially with the cost of freaking land these days. I realized today that I am paying 5.3L per prim for my sims. And one of those sims, I paid $1675 for a month before LL decided to change the prices. I have lost so many land deals because of the way that LL changes their policies on a whim that I can't even start to count the number of sims I have bought and lost. So, why in the world would anyone come to a dying place to invest for any reason? They won't! I am sorry to see that SL is dying and I only hope that one of the other places that is similar but not so freaking stingy and ignorant soon becomes a reality cause I and pretty much every other person I know is sooooooo ready to go.
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Jun 9, 2010