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Karen Hoyt
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We just watched this one a few nights ago! Had to call my husband at work just now to read this to him. Good part: He's rolling at work. Sad part: None of the people he works with would even understand. lol Thanks for the laugh today!
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2011 on I am easily amused at WWdN: In Exile
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My husband and his brother started brewing their own beer about six months ago. I now know things about brewing I never knew I wanted to know. LOL And routinely get drafted for bottle cleaning duty. My contribution, which I don't mind, as their porter is fantastic! They're going to try reproducing a beer from an old recipe of George Washingtons' next I think. Should be interesting!
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2011 on on birthdays and making beer at WWdN: In Exile
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You know, I once saw William Shatner shopping at a bookstore in NY while a convention was in town and...totally left him alone. I figured, he probably doesn't want to be mobbed by fangirls while shopping like a normal person. lol I'll never understand the zealots who camp and lay in wait to ambush people they idolize. It's shameful honestly. I'm glad Felicia was able to save you from that mess.
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2011 on if you cut me, i will bleed at WWdN: In Exile
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Jul 25, 2011