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Both my kids pretty much did the same thing except reverse our coasts. Mine have made remarkable progress in a remarkably short period of time in the morass that is the Los Angeles film. scene. I miss the heck out of them. But, I am so grateful that we live in an age of email, texting & video chat.
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LOL. Oh, and I was so focussed on the lack of playfulness, that I totally forgot to say that I wholeheartedly agree with your post in it's entirety.
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That's it! Thank you, Chris the second! TimR...if you're still following, Eureka has lost its's sense of fun. That's what I kept circling around when I was trying to describe my visceral thoughts on the show/season.
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2010 on "Momstrosity" (406) - Q&A Post at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
TimR - Points taken. And, my statement that I will stop watching the show was a heat of the moment one...I know me better. Right now they're just teasing the shark. I still intensely despise the Allison/Kevin situation. Even, EVEN, if one were to blithely accept that cowardly getting rid of his autism is okay (and I seem to be in the minority that thinks they should have learned to deal with it or "solve" it better), this woman is lying to "her" teenage son. Maybe the ultimate plan is to have Kevin go on a rampage when he finds out that she has been lying to him about who she is and that he wants his mom back and rebuilds the timelines. I don't know. But, the teenage boy is a very fragile thing (no matter what they want you to think) and the betrayal he should feel when he finds out the truth should be a hundred times worse than how Grace feels. But, you're description of the show: Eureka IS a comedy drama with scientific elements, and, in theory, all effective comedy and drama comes from specific characters and their situations (the town can be threatened, but it's always dramatized by a specific scientist or person, to make it more immediate and significant, and less general... while accurate for the beginnings of the show, I think is less true lately. They had a nice balance of relationships and characters and I guess it feels like it's being done a lot more heavy-handed than it used to. I still feel like it's been dumbed down but I'll still keep on keeping on.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2010 on "Momstrosity" (406) - Q&A Post at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
And, so as not to seem like a completely raving lunatic. The sad part is if they had revealed themselves and Eureka as a town had decided to give them shelter and maybe help them try to figure out a way out of this mess, the new relationships could have grown much as they are, but less forced feeling. Even if it's not her, Kevin still would have needed a mom and the two of them could have forged a relationship..not necessarily completely mom/son, but something like. Grace would be upset at the change but not feel betrayed and she and Henry could possibly get to know each other and maybe things grow, maybe not but it would have been honest. They could have some genuinely tense moments as the town and they try to not let the military know what happened. Grant could be a sacrifice or a traitor. What they have done is once again limited their options by keeping it in their own little group. But, I still want to know where fargo learned to drive like that....unless Claudia gave him lesson.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2010 on "Momstrosity" (406) - Q&A Post at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
Oh, and speaking of.... How dare the protocol be to not reveal what happened? How dare they pretend to be the parents/spouses/friends of the people in this Eureka? They're not. Allison is NOT this Kevin's mom. Henry is NOT this Grace's husband (and good for her for being pissed off and angry when he tells her and I hope she stays that way and doesn't accept him as her husband...MAYBE a friend, but not her husband). And, that is not Jo's Zane. I don't care what she thinks she sees in him, she has no right to rebuild him in the image of a completely different person. We won't even go into the fact that Dr. Grant's disappearance doesn't seem to have done as much damage as one might have expected since he was originally such a big deal in the 40s.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2010 on "Momstrosity" (406) - Q&A Post at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
TimR - When I said act against type, I was trying to be diplomatic instead of saying doing the stupidest thing possible to advance the plot. Really? Really Henry? What do the bunch of you have to do? Keep it a secret? So, what do you do? Agree to a memory experiment? AND, even if you were willing to blow it all in the name of a selfish jeopardize everyone else and the potential timeline?? That is NOT Henry as established in the past 3 years. Big whoop. They NEVER knew what to do with him and I think they originally thought they were being all cool and edgy and were going to make him into a rainman/idiot savant, but they kepy wiffle waffling on him. If they don't want to figure out a way to deal with Kevin's autism...Yes, send him away to a school...maybe he could come back in a season or two SOMEWHAT more normalized. It's an insult and a travesty to make it all go away so Allison can be a real mom. That's what Jenna is for. Let her get infected with some growth hormone or something and become 5 overnight and let Allison deal with that. Eureka was smart and witty in a way that didn't involve using one-liners from every science fiction show/movie that came before. That was amusing at first, but this season they've gone overboard. It used to be a *loosely* scientific, character-driven show, now it is a relationship-driven show. And, where the heck did Fargo learn to drive like an Indy driver? This is not character development. This is not a reboot. This is 3rd season Star Trek where it became a matter of "Say, Spock, can't Vulcans ?" "Why, yes, Captain, I believe I can" Good for those who like it. me, I'm going to go get out my Season 1&2 discs and sigh deeply.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2010 on "Momstrosity" (406) - Q&A Post at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
Actually, this may have been the episode that stops me from watching the show. I haven't particularly liked the complete ignoring of the what was learned about time travel earlier in the show's history. Haven't liked the changing of Kevin because rather than deal with his autism or Chucking him out (as in Happy Days), you miraculously made him all better. Aside from the fact that the show no longer has the intelligence and with that it originally had, this particular episode required the characters to behave against established type in order to further the plot. Except for the upcoming ep that looks like it will have Fargo & Claudia in it and the ep where Ed Quinn returns (briefly, I'm sure), I'm pretty sure I'm done with the show. And I will only watch those eps because as I mentioned earlier, I like them as a couple and becuase, honestly (no matter whose idea it was), losing the Stark counterpoint for Jack was the beginning of the swim into shark-infested waters. Eureka is now becoming a soap opera and while I have nothing against fantasy soaps (I faithfully watched the original Dark Shadows), I have not watched Eureka as originally conceived for the past 3 years to watch it degenerate into one.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2010 on "Momstrosity" (406) - Q&A Post at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
I am possibly the only Eureka fan who really doesn't want Jack and Allison to hook up. I sincerely feel that she and Stark were THE couple. I kinda feel that since it does appear that Ed (sadly) will not be returning, that he and her reaction to his loss have been given very short shrift. I was hoping that the new timeline was going to reinstate him even for just a few episodes. But, I REALLY hate what you did to Jo and Zane. It seems that you have actually forgotten Zane's backstory/accomplishments just so you could keep him at the jerky/juvenile levels he was when he first came aboard.
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