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Hi Geri... I do love how God says this twice... once in Jeremiah and again in Psalm 1... I guess He wanted to make sure we heard it! :-) Bless you my friend... Karla
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2016 on Are You Seeing the Whole Picture? at Karla's Korner
Hi Debi... Are you asking to print out the blog post for your women? If so... absolutely... love being able to share it in this way! Bless you and your women! Karla
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2016 on Are You Seeing the Whole Picture? at Karla's Korner
I have always loved how God’s Word is so visual and leads the reader to not only hear it... but to see it as well. Some verses, of course, are more visual than others and Psalm 1 is a perfect example. We can all visualize a tree and we all know what leaves and fruit look like so we have a good place to start… but sometimes, as we take the time to meditate on a verse, God coaxes us to think outside the box… to “see" a little more than we did at first. I believe God often wants us to show us more than we're seeing and tell us more than we're hearing... if we will only take the time to hear His voice and see what He wants show us. I love every time I have the opportunity to share with others about why my Psalm 1 illustration has been dubbed the “fruit cocktail” tree. In this Psalm God says we will bear fruit… and what came to mind as I pondered verse 3 was that we, as believers in Christ, bear the fruit of Spirit which we know is multi-faceted… love, peace, joy, and so much... Continue reading
Posted Mar 30, 2016 at Karla's Korner
I must admit Betty that FB is much easier but I believe I've felt the Lord nudging me back to blogging so if it's really Him I'm believing I'll find time to do it more often!! :-) Thank you for your love and encouragement! Karla
Oh Carolyn... I love the idea of putting the magnetic strip on the backs of the bookmarks... very clever! It will perfect for Easter! Thank you for your love my friend... xoxo!
Oh Beth... your kind words truly brought a smile to my heart... thank you! And I hope I will be able to blog more often this year... it is nice to know I was missed!
Thank you Judy for your sweet words of encouragement... it's good to be back. I'm hoping I'll have more time to blog more often this year... only time will tell but hopefully. I am blessed more than you know to hear that my art inspires you to be in God's Word and do your own Bible journaling!! Love and hugs to you... Karla
Thank you Patty... it's just one of the wonderful creative ways to spend time in the Word. Glad you enjoyed the inspiration! Blessings... Karla
Hello Sue!! So good to hear from you my sweet friend! And so happy to hear about God's blessings in your life! I can hear your heart smiling in your words!! I did not get a separate message if you sent one... did you email or message another way? We were planning on being in Phoenix in April but Michael is having some serious back problems so it may not happen now but if we are able to come I'll figure out a way to let you know! Love and hugs to you my friend!!
Like I told Marilyn... it truly is my blessing to be able to share my gifts with you and to come alongside you in your own Bible Journaling journey! Lord bless you as you spend time with Him in His Word! xoxo Karla
Oh Marilyn... it is my blessing to share and encourage and inspire you in your Bible Journaling journey! It's like we're sitting at the table doing it together this way! Sending hugs... Karla
I felt the same way Moz... about having it in a permanent place where I would know where it was and could share it more easilly. Thanks for being here and Lord bless you in your Bible Journaling time with Him! Love and hugs... Karla
I know it's been a long time but I'm truly going to try to blog more often now. Thank you for your encouragement... and I think coloring and putting them in your Bible is wonderful!! It's being in His Word that counts! Bless you Susan!
Thank you Barbara for your sweet words of blessing and encouragement! It makes my heart smile to know you are enjoying the coloring book and using the Bible Journal Bookmarks for tracing into your own Bible. Sending love and God-hugs back to you my friend! Karla
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2016 on The Fragrance of Christ... at Karla's Korner
This was a fun Garden Blessings Coloring Book page to color. It made me think of spring, cheerful colors, chirping birds, and my favorite early blooming flowers... especially those that tickle my nose with their fragrant delight... lilacs being my favorite! We are all attracted to things that smell good, aren't we? But I have discovered that certain things that smell really sweet to me can be almost repulsive to others... such as my favorite Stargazer Lilies! In fact, some of my friends, not only don't like the smell, but even the fragrance of their potent blooms as it fills the air can make them physically sick. So sad. But the same is true with the sweet fragrance of Christ. When we give our lives to Christ and allow Him to live in us and through us... we will... or at least should... smell like Jesus in the world. The more sold-out we are... the sweeter the smell. First to God. Then to those around us. Wherever we live... wherever we go... the fragrance of Christ fills the atmosphere. Sweet like lilacs to those who are being saved and... maybe more like Stargazer Lilies among those who are perishing... especially... Continue reading
Posted Mar 2, 2016 at Karla's Korner
It's crazy to realize that it's been almost a year since I last blogged! So many times I've wanted to start again... but the longer I waited the more intimidating it became! But... I cannot procrastinate any longer and am sincerely thankful for those friends who have emailed and messaged me, encouraging me to please blog again... so here I am. I shared a little on my FB Page about how I used my own Color-Your-Own Bookmarks as Traceables or tracers in my Bible Journaling and wanted to follow up on that here and give this information a more permanent home. Sometimes I enjoy creating my Scripture art in my journal or graph paper notebook or even on scraps of paper rather than directly in my Bible as it gives me the opportunity to play with the words and art without worrying about messing it up. Once I'm happy with the design, there are times I will simply translate my sketch right onto the page of my Bible in pencil, but I have also found I like being able to ink my design first and then use it as a TEMPLATE or TRACEABLE instead. At first I wasn't sure I... Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2016 at Karla's Korner
It's almost Easter... the most important celebration of our faith... and my favorite day of gathering with friends and family! This is the time of year when, not only are the birds singing and the flowers starting to bloom, but our faith is renewed, our spirits soar, and our hearts are filled with overwhelming joy as we celebrate our risen Lord! The tomb is empty and He is Alive! Hallelujah! And I just have to tell you... the above art is one of my newest paintings and it just makes my hearts smile every time I look at it! It's just so full of hope and promise! As my way of saying thank you for your continued love and support... and wanting to be a blessing to you this Easter I am having an Etsy Shop sale with 25% off everything in the store... including all Easter bookmarks... ready to print... and the Color-Your-Own version... as well as the Easter Coloring pages which might be perfect for your Easter family gathering! I pray your heart and home be filled to overflowing with the love and joy of Jesus this Easter as you celebrate His resurrection and the promise of everlasting... Continue reading
Posted Mar 30, 2015 at Karla's Korner
Can you believe Easter is only three weeks away? The most holy of our holidays is right around the corner and even though I don't officially celebrate Lent, I do try to spend time preparing my heart. I've been enjoying the last few weeks reading and Bible journaling through a few of my favorite Easter passages. Grieved by the sorrow of Christ's suffering and overwhelmed by the joy of His resurrection... once again... my heart is filled with awe and wonder and a fresh sense of gratitude for the glorious. I chose verses that specifically focused on Jesus and the Resurrection because that's what Easter really is all about. No bunnies in this collection... only the cross and joy of His resurrection. Spending time reading and Bible Journaling through these passages led me through an array of emotions as my heart broke all over again watching Jesus suffer and die for my sins, felt deep sorrow as I stood beside His mom not able to imagine her pain, and yet so amazingly joyful as I saw Him appear to the women at the tomb, the two men on the Road to Emmaus and others! Christ laid down His life so... Continue reading
Posted Mar 16, 2015 at Karla's Korner
You are my Valentine... no doubt about it!! So please accept this 20% OFF EVERYTHING Etsy Shop Sale as my Valentine gift to you and my way of saying THANK YOU for being God's Valentine to me! Good for 3 days only... Thursday through Saturday... February 12-14! Use the promo code - VALENTINE2015 - at checkout to receive the discount. You are God's Valentine to me... His love and blessing expressed through you to me! Your love, support and encouragement is what enables me to keep doing what I know God has called me to do... to create art designed to encourage your faith, inspire your creativity, and provide you with resources to help you be a blessing to others. Seriously... because of you... I am blessed... and I can only hope the feeling is mutual! I pray God pours out His love into your heart this Valentine's weekend as only He can... and may it overflow onto anyone and everyone He brings your way! xoxoxo Continue reading
Posted Feb 12, 2015 at Karla's Korner
Oh my goodness Jennifer... that is sooooo sweet! Your hubby is a romantic to write such heart-moving messages to his sweetheart! You are a blessed woman for sure! Sending love and hugs your way my friend!
If you are selling them to raise money for missions... you have my permission for sure. I love being a part of other people's ministries... so Lord bless you and yours! Sending hugs!
You are always so encouraging Evangeline!! What a great idea! I'm sure the recipients are blessed not just with the baskets but with your love that goes into each one!! Bless you my friend!
Thank you Michelle... so glad we can have God's perspective... loving everyday is so much more fulfilling! Bless you!
Thanks Carolyn... it is fun to add the whimsical touches... so glad you like it!
Thanks Jo... you are so encouraging!