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Karrie McAllister
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Wow, that's great! I'll be humming it all day which will hopefully drown out the jealousy from being in a small rural school...
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2008 on My Kid's School Rawks! at Mamazina Blog
Oh man... I'd better be careful next time I see Trish in the grocery store. It's winter, y'all, don't we all follow the "only when it's necessary" rule this time of year???
I hear you, Linda. A few years ago, in our little town, someone abducted his neighbor at the county fair. Then he chopped her up and dumped her in a swamp-- a swamp area that I have visited with my children. THERE can be HERE, no matter WHERE you are. Thanks for the stark reminder.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2007 on When "There" Becomes "Here" at Mamazina Blog