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Keith Ruddell
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Impressive numbers. If Amprius could make a battery for the Leaf, with double the energy density and capable of 6,000 charge cycles, that would get over 800,000 miles before needing a battery change. In a cell phone, the battery would last over 16 years if charged every day. Hopefully "near-term" isn't 10 years out.
If anyone is interested, put the following co-ordinates into google maps for a view from above: 36.173946,-120.386149 @mahonj, When the oil runs out, they could tack a turbine on it and generate electricity.
The petroleum industry profits must be down.
The LEAF has LED lighting. Says so in the article, "The LEAF currently uses an LED system from Valeo and its partner in Japan, Ichikoh, unveiled as a world premier on the LEAF."
joookes, From Wikipedia, "Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd., a Japanese automotive components supplier belonging to the Toyota Group, supplies the hybrid continuously variable transmission for the Escape Hybrid." Ford is using part of the Toyota hybrid system, so Sam Abuelsamid isn't entirely correct.
Nick, Teslas are the only production EVs that draw that much current. The Ford Focus EV will only draw 27.5 amps. That's less than an electric clothes dryer. The Volt, LEAF, i-MiEV and Fit EV draw 13.75 amps. I doubt there will be any infrastructure problems. Unless of course, if you live in an area where there are quite a few Teslas.
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Apr 7, 2011