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Karyn Kempke
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I followed steps 1, 4, 5, 6, and 10. I'm not a tweeter, don't use or have my own blog. I think I did everything correctly! :0)
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2012 on Giveaway Instructions! at Smart Apps For Kids
Haven't heard of this app before your post, but I would love to try it out!!
Love, love, love the Little Critter books!!
Hope I'm not posting this a million times!! I kept trying on my iPad! :0) Anyhow, I would love to win Articulation Station!
I am so excited for the opportunity to win this app!! I have used the trial version with some of my kids and they love it! I'm saving up to buy the complete app - if I win it - that would be awesome!!
No - I didn't know about Tactus Therapy Solutions! I'm so glad I found them through your page!
I have several students who would benefit from this app! I'd love to try it with them!
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Jan 28, 2012