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Jordan Owen made his superb 2015 (as in before either Kraut and Tea and Bearing were even a thing) filim The Sarkeesian Effect, and concomitantly did onto the alt-right race realist manosphere elements initially involved in TSE's production what King Hussein of Jordan did to the PLO in 1970's Black September, out of a concern for ethics. Likewise, Wooly Bumblebee, a superb artist in her own right who honchoes Anti-Intellectuals and is promoting this rad new site, has,with Mr. Bumblebee, enacted a Unilateral Declaration of Independece from the YouTubes anti-SJW gods-in-their-own-minds cult as a result of the unethical tendencies... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at The Sky Suspended
Much like Wooly Bumblebee, a superb artist in her own right who also honchoes Anti-Intellectuals while promoting this rad new site, I support freedom speech while recognising that this freedom is not unfettered. Much like Jordan Owen, I oppose SJW riots on campus. Mr. Owen and I are not alone in this regard. The Economist, an avowed opponent of Trump, Bannon and Brexit, also condemned a recent SJW riot at Middlebury College in Vermont, and has pointed out that, the more affluent the student body of a college, the more likely they are to have SJW riots. Like wise,... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at The Sky Suspended
This entry is inspired by the video exchange below between Wooly Bumblebee--a superb artist in her own right who honchoes Anti-Intellectuals and is promoting this rad new site Kristi Winters. I am going to use the contrast between medium-end aircraft manufacturers Bombardier and Embraer to argue against white supremacy and other nonsense spouted by the alt-right race realist manosphere. Before I actually get to my case study, however, I am going to have to go through several paragraphs of disclaimers. This can be viewed as a depressing sign of the times that, in 2017, one has to issue twenty... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at The Sky Suspended
This entry follows a conversation I have been having in the comments section of the following video from the YouTubes Channel of, a rad new site promoted by Wooly Bumblebee, a superb artist in her own right who also honchoes Anti-Intellectuals. Specifically, I pointed out that banning the various incarnations of the Nazi Party in Germany has been unsuccessful since the Nazis involved simply reorganised under another name. AkkadianTimes argues that arguing against a ban on Nazi party reincarnations on these grounds is akin to arguing against laws banning murder since people are just going to murder anyway. I... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at The Sky Suspended
One depressing, yet, at the same time, amusing, part of being old is watching each successive generation of young 'uns reinvent the wheel. That is why I have a perspective on this weekend's Antifa versus Alt-Right event over at the People's Republic of Berkeley which fundamentally differs that of from people I highly respect and like such as Jordan Owen and Wooly Bumblebee, a superb artist in her own right who honchoes Anti-Intellectuals and is also promoting this rad new site For Mr. Owen and the Bumblebees, this event constitutes a big indaba. Pat Buchanan, who was around in... Continue reading
Posted Apr 17, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
I saw the following video by Wooly and Mr. Bumblebee on racism. It appears on the YouTube channel for, a rad new site promoted by Wooly, a superb artist in her own right who also honchoes Anti-Intellectuals. I must disclose that I have a tendency to classify people on the basis of race. Specifically, I infinitely prefer dealing with people of mixed ancestry, like Canadian actors, Dwayne Johnson, Lexa Doig, Crystal Lowe and Kristin Kreuk to dealing with pasty Whiskey Tango. The former have the supreme advantage of being born of parents who were manifestly not brother and sister,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 16, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
My views on the Syrian situation coincide with those of Sargon in his vid below, but they are not derived from Sargon's vid below. This is an important distinction to understand. Jordan Owen made this genre of distinction clear years ago in a video wherein he said that the immigration situation exists independently of what white supremacists/alt right race realist manosphereans have to say about immigration. Mr. Owen is also extremely clear on the fact that he holds the alt right race realists in the exact same light in which he holds SJWs, unlike Sargon, who makes one or two... Continue reading
Posted Apr 16, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
Yesterday, I put out two entries. Not a one of them mentioned that yesterday was the centenary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. That was not by accident. You see, just one week ago yesterday was the first anniversary of the death of Amber Rayne. Although I was less shaky yesterday than I was the previous Sunday, I was still feeling somewhat raw about it. I saw the Vimy centenary ceremonies, but I did not want to talk about it. One way I dealt with not talking about it was talking about just any other thing that came to mind.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
I was thoroughly repulsed by the nauseating Whiskey Tango fest of earlier in this decade that was Da Jersey Shore. That being said, the show did pique some morbid curiosity on my part. To paraphrase the legendary, one and only Eli Cross, "I don't mind a bit of cabaret, just so long as it is not on my workspace." I was thinking of Da Jersey Shore last week when I saw a stream including Sargon, Kraut and Tea and their mob whining again about The YouTubes' most recent bout of demonetisation. In particular, that stream (see below) reminded me of... Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
I was over at the website of Mountain Lake PBS (Public Broadcasting System, for non-Americans), and read this notice on their homepage. "The President's budget proposes eliminating federal funding for PBS and NPR. Contact your representatives, or make a donation today, and stand up for Mountain Lake PBS." Eliminating federal funding for PBS is entirely inimical to the interests of Republicans and the Administration because it removes a balanced (i.e., it sometimes calls out Republicans and the Administration, while sometimes also pointing out the good side of Republicans and the Administration) source of legitimate news, leaving the reporting field to... Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
I just want to cry today. I just can't seem to find a way. Memories overwhelm today Telling me they're here to stay. It's the price I have to pay For having happiness one day. The good die young today. But it's always been that way. Leaving those who do remain With a hollow, tearing pain. People just don't care today. They're too busy on their way Trying to get themselves some clout Whinging about, bunch of louts. The good die young today, Just like any other day. Is there any other way, Or is it just like that today?... Continue reading
Posted Apr 2, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
The most recent big indaba du jour in Canada is the fact that Federally and Provincially-bailed out aerospace company Bombarider's honchos have made boodles in terms of salary, laughing at the taxpayers. I remember Wooly Bumblebee, a superb artist in her own right who honchoes Anti-Intellectuals and who is also promoting this rad new site, voicing her displeasure last year when the government bailout of Bombardier was announced. As well, Jordan Owen--who, in addition to having put out the superb documentary The Sarkeesian Effect, is also a cogent and strongly moral Internet voice speaking in favour of libertarianism--would also... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
One of the reasons I am such a fan of Jordan Owen and Wooly Bumblebee, a superb artist in her own right who honchoes Anti-Intellectuals and who is also promoting this rad new site, is that both of them are willing to call out their own side when elements thereof stray into non-kosher territory. This was evident, in Mr. Owen's case, in the way he booted the manosphere mob who tried to divert his superb 2015 documentary The Sarkeesian Effect, which is the final word as far as discussing SJWs is concerned. In the case of Wooly, this was... Continue reading
Posted Mar 29, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
In his stream of a couple weeks back, rivaling his countryman Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle in its epic grandiosity and relation to reality, Kraut and Tea put out a particular fiction that "those on the SJW side do not criticise each other like we YouTubes anti-SJW gods-in-our-own-minds who 'disconnect' from the suppressive persons' within our ranks." I am not an SJW, a fact anyone can see by reading the third through fifth paragraphs of this entry. I am not a non-SJW out of defiance of the Führerbefehl Kraut and Tea dictated in that stream, although I have to admit that... Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
Hot DAMN! Canada seems to be the object of whingery du jour on social media! First Sargon makes two videos about Canada (while not having a damned thing to say, at least in the non-oblique sense, about the Westminster partisan attack in his own country.) Now Kraut And Tea seems to be out to prove that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery by aping Sargon. Of course, "imitation" implies that there is nothing really new or original on the part of the flatterer, and, in Kraut And Tea's recent bandwagon-hopping-on display, this is the case, since he practically regurgitates... Continue reading
Posted Mar 27, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
Today's Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix was mixed to minging. There were problems with the new tyres and several other tranny, braking, engine and dashboard problems that led to at least five retirements, including both of the Haas Team drivers and the news kid, 18 year-old Québec-born Lance Stroll, driving for Sir Frank Williams' team. Naturally Canadian media, both French and English, have been talking a lot about the kid for the past week. That is understandable. However, it also puts a tonne of pressure on the kid on a sport that is extremely unforgiving and cruel on rookies. I... Continue reading
Posted Mar 26, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
I can almost understand Sargon's priapism for Canada. And here is where I will prove once and for all that, my friendships and friendliness to elements thereof notwithstanding, I am no feminist and no social justice jihadist. You see, if there is one thing Canada has mass produced and exported all over the world in recent decades, it is babes. From Ali Moore, Kelly Royce/Juliet James, Jesse Capelli, Christine Young, Shelby Belle and Sunny Leone on the San Fernando Valley/Chatsworth side of the mountain to Andrea Roth, Carrie-Anne Moss, Torri Higginson, Amanda Tapping, Kim Poirier, Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo, Erica... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
This is a follow-up to this entry on McGill "Institute for the Study of Canada" honcho Andrew Potter's ratchet-ass article in ratchet-ass, TMZ-aping Macleans using a snowstorm--or what is simply referred to as "business as usual" in Leningrad and Siberia--as an excuse to say that Québec is a ratchet-ass place filled with ratchet-ass Québecois. I saw a line last night on French-language TV that said that Potter has resigned. Today, on English-language local radio, I heard a bunch of people whinging about how "Potter's academic freedom dun bin violated!" As the legendary Eli Cross and Kylie Ireland are wont to... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
I heard last week on Vermont radio station WVMT that there was a social justice jihadist riot over at Middlebury College over the visit of Charles Murray, author of the controversial book The Bell Curve. In The New York Times, the Middlebury professor who invited Murray, who admits that she is a Democrat, condemned the SJW rioters. More recently, The Economist picked up on and ran an article on the Middlebury riot. It is important to note who is saying what here, and on a couple of levels at that. The New York Times is well-known for being on Bannon/Sean... Continue reading
Posted Mar 23, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
I am not a bug fan of Québec,Canada, or Macleans magazine. All three of them have a pathological tendency for making a big indaba about nothing in a way that would leave even Don Anderson of the CNN slackjawed with his cigar falling out of his mouth. I was born and have been living in Québec, which is a Province (State/Bundestaat) of Canada, so I know what I am talking about. I also spent my formative years in America, which gives me this thing many over at Macleans--and Québec, and Canada, and, for that matter, the massive sewer that is... Continue reading
Posted Mar 22, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
I heard that the Wooly Bumblebee, a superb artist in her own right in addition to being one of the people behind and who is now promoting this rad new site, is putting out a documentary on the alt-right. As a conservative, I fully support Wooly's documentary, of which here is a trailer. I am a conservative. Wooly and Mr. Bumblebee are not. Wooly and Mr. Bumblebee are atheists. I am not. Yet, we have always gotten on, despite the fact that, in my review of Jordan Owen's The Sarkeesian Effect, I was not particularly kind to them.... Continue reading
Posted Mar 18, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
This entry will use the recent big indaba about Milo Yiannopoulos' expulsion from CPAC and Breitbart's to illustrate why YouTubes anti-SJW gods-in-their-own-mind of 2017 are dismal amateurs by comparing their reaction to said big indaba over Milo to the way other, far more big league conservatives have reacted to similar situations. To paraphrase Andrew Dice Clay's narration from The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, "Listening to YouTubes anti-SJW gods-in-their-own-minds in 2017 is like masturbating with a cheese grater, slightly amusing, but mostly painful." I am going off of two vids made on the subject, first, this one by Kraut and Tea... Continue reading
Posted Mar 9, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
Let me start off by saying that, like Fred Reed and current The American Conservative (and former The National Interest) editor Robert W. Merry, I have, at best, mixed feelings about President Trump. That being said, for those who have a less nuanced permanent, inveterate antipathy towards him, the sensical way to go about reining him in is NOT to riot constantly, but rather to vote in a Democratic majority in the 2018 mid-term elections, something I will explain with reference to my support for Philippe Couillard's Liberal government in Québec. Cards on the table. I am not a fan... Continue reading
Posted Mar 3, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
In this entry, I am going to talk a bit about the 2017 Oscars, crime and society in general. I was extremely peeved by something that happened at the Oscars. No, it was not the FUBAR at the end. No it was not the fact that that state-sponsored/over-hyped-up turd Arrival got so much as a single Oscar. It was not even all the anti-Trump speeches. You see, I know that Hollywood is fantasy, detached from real life. I thoroughly love Michelle Dockery as "Letty Raines" on Good Behaviour and Walton Goggins' "Boyd Crowder" on Justified is one of my favourite... Continue reading
Posted Mar 1, 2017 at The Sky Suspended
In the present entry, I am going to talk about the 2017 Oscar nominees, in particular the filims Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge, Hell And High Water, Hidden Figures and La La Land. I am also going to talk things entertainment and entertainment-related in general, especially about gavaged entertainment. Here is the list of the best picture nominees. I am commenting on just over half of them because I saw just over half of them. What about the other half? Well, I just did not get to see them on time. Most likely because it was a choice between them and one... Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2017 at The Sky Suspended