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Just sold the D7000. Hmmmm D600 or D7100?
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2013 on New Nikon D7100 Announced at The Online Photographer
That Green dot works fine on my Nikon, but having IS on a prime. Sweet.
I believe any Nikon SLR can use Ai lenses. I use them all the time on my F. [Yes, AI lenses are back-compatible, but they won't auto index. Here's a page explaining the ins and outs of AI and AIS. --Mike]
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2012 on Nikon Old, Nikon New at The Online Photographer
Another thought. This new Fuji looks very much like Panasonic's first foray into DSLR land the infamous DMC-L1.
I'm thinking they nailed it.
I hate the size but the Nikon D7000 does it all for me.
Can we sit somewhere in between? I, too, am turned off by the perfection of digital cameras (funny I was such a big proponent of it in the 90's). I will just roam the world with my Leica M3 or Nikon F and call it a day.
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Jun 21, 2012