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Kate P. (aka Sparkle Tart)
I am a collage - a collection and reflection of every idea I've ever found inspiring, every technique I've ever seen and all the beauty I see in the world. Within me and my work, these things are merged, reflected and somehow become the unique being that is me and the unique form that is my art! I see the world differently to many, I am constantly amazed by the beauty around me. I like to express myself through art - I stamp, I journal, I colour and I create. I love my life and the part that art plays in it. I enjoy learning new things and teaching others new things - I love sharing the WOW moment.
Interests: gardening, card making, cooking, copics, art journaling, mixed media and growing orchids all keep me busy.
Recent Activity
Today I felt like creating something with a photo of my cat taken over Christmas - who can resist a holiday snap! I decided to use this as an opportunity to have a little play and experiment with a few new techniques and ideas in my art journal. I think the key to this one was the mixed media layered background using washi and deco tape, light molding paste, watercolor paint and sprays, to add soft and subtle color. Let... Continue reading
Hi - hope you are all having an amazing month - I know I am :) This month I got a little carried away with an idea, and setting myself 'to try' goals - I ended up with a very long list! I had been browsing on Pinterest and come across the work of Loui Jover who creates amazing art over the top of book pages. Now this isn't a new thing, but I found it particularly inspiring and couldn't... Continue reading
I'm back with another Mixed Media project for Lulu Art! Today we are going to create a mixed media card from vintage papers, scraps and the fabulous pastes and paints from Prima and Finnabair! There are a few steps involved in creating this card - but each step is so simple you will easily be able to follow along and create your own version, plus it helps that there is a start to finish video at the bottom of each... Continue reading
Today we are looking at a simple way to use some of those beautiful paper scraps we all collect. You know you have them, stashed in a draw, bucket or folder, all those pretty pieces you couldn't throw away because they were too lovely, the paper was expensive or you might use that one day... Well, that day is today - so go and grab those fabulous paper scraps and join me in making a paper Bargello card - Sparkle... Continue reading
In keeping with this month's theme of RECYCLING we are going to use a few unloved supplies and left-over scraps in today's post, which is a little bit of fun and a cool way to use all those odd flowers you have collected over the years! You guessed it - we are going to alter and Up-cycle some paper flowers, because no-one likes to have random flowers hanging about that you can't use! Keep reading and we will take a... Continue reading
Thanks so much Gio oxoxo
Today I'm going to let loose my slightly WEIRD side with a cool idea for using some of that gorgeous packaging that you get on your art supplies! I hope I'm not alone when I buy a new art supply and spend a minute or two marvelling over the beautiful packaging. I mean that's not so weird right - they MAKE the packaging to be attractive, eye-catching and pretty so we want to buy the product! Well, my latest purchase... Continue reading
Absolutely lovely!
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2017 on Artist Gang Tuesday... at simply me
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I am so excited to announce that I will be a part of the Lulu Art Design Team for 2017. Kylie the owner of Lulu Art asked me to have a chat over a virtual coffee and let you all know a bit more about myself, so here goes.... A bit about myself Where do I begin, I’m a 40- something artist/crafter who likes to collect fabulous supplies. My husband called me a ‘Sparkle Tart’ and now everyone else does... Continue reading
Hi Aisley - the Copiz Oz team all did a set of colours, if you head over to the Copic Oz blog you should find them there oxoxo
Ahh - doesn't leave you feeling very happy with your purchase does it! I now have a DAHLE 550 about the same cost and it's been going strong for almost 4 years now - worth a look Michelle :)
Thanks so much Cynthia oxoxo
Today I'm creating a page with Masks. If you saw my last post you'll know that this month I'm playing with Masks and Stencils, and throwing in a few Magical Powder Paints for a little touch of sparkle! I can't wait to show you how I've created my own blue wren mask and then used this as negative space in my art to create a simple, but eye-catching art journal page. Gathered together some favourite supplies: I used my journal,... Continue reading
To kick off the Class (that's Keep It Simple Sparkly) I thought we would take a quick look at Masks and Stencils and find out what's the difference between the two. For something that many of us use so often, it can be a little bit challenging to wrap our heads around what is a mask and what is a stencil. Masks and stencils are amazingly fabulous art tools that help you reproduce a particular pattern, image, design or... Continue reading
Sorry Nancy - I sold the storage case quite a while ago :)
Well, it's all go at my place right now, I'm working on the first clips for my Class on YouTube - that's Keep It Simply Sparkly for those who need to know. I decided to create a FREE year-long class with a new clip EVERY week to share my first love - sparkles! For the month of February we will be looking at Masks, Stencils and Magicals (powder paints). I can't wait to show you a few great ways... Continue reading
Thanks Barb - I thought that might make a few people happy oxoxo
Sparkly hello!!! This week I've had my first look and spent time playing with the new Magical Shakers from Lindy's, released at Creativation 2017 (CHA). There are 10 new colours, and they are a fabulous rainbow of yumminess! Now they are the same formula as normal Magicals (which are a powdered watercolor dye), so you can do all the same things you would normally do, but they are in a fancy new bottle making them easier to use and a... Continue reading
Oh wow I love them ALL, how many Travellers notebooks does one girl need???
I'm so excited! I had so many people asking me why I was so quiet in the last quarter of 2016 - well it's because I was busily working away on my very first online class, being hosted over at Big Picture Classes! What's the class about? Well you all know I love my supplies - all of them! I thought I'd start by showing new card makers how to use their basic supplies in a few different ways to... Continue reading
I wanted to drop in and wish you all a safe, happy and healthy New Year in 2017. With everything going at the moment, there is no better time to spread a little arty sparkle and shine - which is exactly what I will be doing in the new year oxoxo In 2017 I'm kicking things into high gear with: My very first online class with Big Picture Classes - this one is aimed at Beginning Card Makers (more info... Continue reading
Did you know I was one of the artists who contributed work in Colleen Schaan's book Cards To Canvas? Well it's true and I'm still pinching myself! Cards To Canvas: Mixed Media Techniques for Papercrafts, is a book designed for crafters who want to LEARN some stamping and cardmaking techniques, DABBLE in some mixed media fun, and then APPLY those techniques and mediums to canvas wall art (or desk art)! Crafters can delve into the world of mixed-media art using... Continue reading
Thanks Daisy - I'm rather in love with the small beads myself :)