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Dear Wil - An encouraging thought from another new-reader. I especially related to this post, my husband suffers incredibly from hayfever-esque allergies, he finds that no specialist antihistamines or 'over the counter hayfever' brands work for him - he just uses plain old Piriton and finds that works the best for him. But everyone is different - so I hope you can find something that helps you specifically. We also have 3 cats (well, 2.75 if you count that our youngest only has 3 legs) and suffered from the cursed Litter-tray-in-the-bedroom stench whilst we were moving house. We stayed with the in-laws temporarily for about 3 weeks, and as they have 3 cats of their own, we had to cloister our 3 in our bedroom so they wouldn't escape through their cat flap and get lost. 3 weeks in summer, in an enclosed space, is not good for the nose. Thankfully the trauma lessens as you grow accustomed to the smell, however the waves of nausea are unescapable when you exit to the fresh air - and have to return. I am sure I exagerate, we use the pine-chip cat litter, which doesn't smell so bad. But the stress for the cats of the long drive, different location, other cats sharing the house - of course meant that one of our three suffered stress-diarrhea, usually occuring about half an hour after we go to bed, so the sudden noise + wave of smell was unpleasant to say the least. Of course, having good humour was essential, and we would just burst into fits of hysterical giggles (with a maniacal edge). So I think your reaction of finding something funny in the unfortunate circumstances is a testament to your character! Regards, Kat. p.s I am glad I have finally taken the time to read your blog - finding it thoroughly enjoyable. I had a crush on you during the Star-Trek days! As I was a youngster then, thoroughly geeky (not much has changed) - and am a firm believer that the 'Next Generation' was the best. Probably because I am what my husband calls a 'technology snob' and the cheap-cg of the original Kirk Star-Trek was before my time ;)
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Jul 8, 2011