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Lori, thank you for pointing me out to your work. Yes, of course, we are talking about *being* in the deepest and fullest sense. But most of the insights about the importance of being comes from spiritual traditions. Systems being is a pathway from the science side -- hopefully we'll converge and get to a place where there is no need to "talk" systems anymore. That would be a true marker of an evolved consciousness and culture. Best, K
Thank you Manuel for your comment. Not only everyone can be an evolutionary leader, IMHO everybody *should* be one -- accepting our responsibility in the creation of a sustainable future is something we can't pass.
Thank you Julie! I have started to articulate my thoughts about leadership and I appreciate your feedback. I'll be happy to share a fuller article (in process) to be publish in the journal Organisational Transformation and Social Change about this topic. Warmly, Kathia
Julie, what a wonderful piece. It reminds me of what my dear friend and colleague from Mexico (also close associate of Juanita Brown and David Isaacs), Carlos Mota says. He asks: "Do you know why the word "question" in Spanish is femenine (La Pregunta)? Because it is pregnant with possibility."
Thank you Todd! I loved the emotion that the Dalai Lama showed when he asked women to take a more active role!
That's beautiful Julie! Thank you for the information on the conference.
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Apr 25, 2011