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Kathryn Pyle
Filmmaker/ writer/ photographer
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Thanks, Andrew, for adding to the description of Third Ward TX with information about how your students continue to be involved in the neighborhood. Have the community organizations used the films in any way as well?
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Thanks for your comment, Michael. I'm glad you see these kinds of films as added value to your courses. Please let me know what your experience is and how the students respond. Also, do check back to see the second part that will be posted later this week: one of the films is about a community-based organization pushed out of their base to make room for a city project.
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Thanks for sharing your experience, Stephanie. It's so important to understand what happens over succeeding generations when a community is replaced, particularly when the demographics change so dramatically. I wonder if this is the community the Pacific Grove policy makers had in mind when they encouraged that change. And even whether the wealthier residents have been an economic plus or minus in the town's budget.
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Great piece, Michael. Just the other day I came across my "Take Back the Night" T-shirt from the candlelight march through Philadlephia's steets c. 1980 protesting a rash of sexual assaults that had terrorized the city. "Take Back the Night" marches sprang up spontaneously around that time and "TBTN" is now an annual event throughout the country, particularly on campuses, to raise awareness about sexual violence. An organization even formed around the idea to provide support: There's history in those worn threads!
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