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katie couric
make subliminal messages
Interests: how to make subliminal messages
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penis surgery opinion on ladies: question Paul : What is the expected duration and girth after penis enlargement surgery I am debating on penis enlargement surgery but wanted to know if the gains in length and width, and properly worth the response Greatest cost:. response of NudeNude My advice is... Continue reading
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Some recent vagina cosmetic surgery Tip on Evaluation: Query by curious: What type of vagina do you discover eye-catching cosmetically? like poochy,huge lips, small lips,labia displaying or every thing all tucked in, and shaved or not. I just watched a show on BBCA named the ideal vagina or something and... Continue reading
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Some recent Tip vaginal lubricant suppository Review: situation Juno S : In addition to a condom, what can I use to stop pregnancy I am pleased to be sexualy active. As a condom is not one hundred% effective, and you can nevertheless get pregnant, what can I take / not... Continue reading
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supplements for vaginal dryness you must preserve eye on: Question by Dory: I've been having unusual vaginal symptoms, but my pap smear came back typical. What could it be? I've been possessing pain with intercourse, vaginal bleeding immediately after intercourse, spotting between periods, dark discharge and pelvic pain. I was... Continue reading
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Most well-liked lubricant for females in product: Question by Constantly Sincere: What is the very best lubricant to use to get pregnant? I feel like I am dry and need to have a lubricant that will help me in conceiving, What is the finest a single? I have been told... Continue reading
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Some latest pelvic reconstructive surgery Tip on Evaluation: Question by Jocelyn: what certifications or licenses are needed to turn into an OB/GYN? I was just wondering what certifications u ought to recieve to become an OB/GYN. I've researched it, but it appears that different websites say distinct factors. Finest answer:... Continue reading
Posted Dec 16, 2012 at's blog
Penis Enlargement Device on women evaluations: Question by Mark P: Finest penis enlargement device? What is the best penis enlargement device? I see that there are several penis enlargement devices. Which is a very good a single? Please help.. Greatest answer: Answer by ChadHi Mark! I see you have asked... Continue reading
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celebrity plastic surgery you need to keep eye on: Question by raye: Are reports on plastic surgery in Korea blown out of proportion? I know that folks in the US have had just as considerably work or a lot more accomplished per capita. I also know that celebrity plastic surgery... Continue reading
Posted Dec 14, 2012 at's blog
Some latest female lubricant goods Tip on Critique: Query by Makaylee: What is the greatest way for a female to have an orgasm? Me and my husband have been having sex for about a year now and i feel like i have not had a orgasm nonetheless. Whats a quick... Continue reading
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eliminate Some latest Hair Tip Critique: query by Anna D : How to assist from Nair hair removal burnI burned my lips with Nair depilatory gel! I have a little aloe, but it burns, it is anything that I can use to aid her Finest answer: Reply to Lisii if... Continue reading
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Most popular undesirable hair in product: Query by Madhu s: How can i get rid of undesirable hair over my body naturally? I want two take away undesirable hair from all more than my physique in a normal n risk-free way.Can u assist me? Greatest answer: Answer by roxyget some... Continue reading
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Most common intense pulsed light hair removal in product: Query by Tina: Positive aspects and Drawbacks of Laser hair removal, Intense Pulsed light (IPL), and electrolysis? Could somebody please tell me the benefits and drawbacks of every of these hair removal methods? Are they permanent? How many sessions are necessary?... Continue reading
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breast augmentation you should keep eye on: Question by nursemarie: Where can I get information about breast augmentation surgeons in the Sacramento, California location? I am very interested in obtaining breast augmentation carried out. I'd like to investigation surgeons in my area to locate out the best one particular to... Continue reading
Posted Dec 10, 2012 at's blog
Most well-known hair removal in item: Question by vicky b: How extended right after lazer hair removal till the hair begins to grow back? My husband has had lazer hair removal on his neck to prevent ingrowing hairs. It has worked well nonetheless, he has a line exactly where his... Continue reading
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Laser Hair Removal Prices on girls critiques: Question by Deanna: How significantly would laser hair removal cost for my back? I am 5'1 and 110 pounds and I have dealt with this difficulty for my whole life. I normally use nair cream but it takes a lengthy time and does... Continue reading
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neighborhood bikini laser hair removal in the product: query crossed palms : How to take therapy laser hair removal I wanted to make a line of bikini laser hair removal and the lady told me that the remedy would not be a lot. If I had 3 then it would... Continue reading
Posted Dec 7, 2012 at's blog
vaginal dryness all-natural remedies you must maintain eye on: Question by Cryststal: is there an answer to virginal dryness for the duration of sex? In the course of sex with my boyfriend he will play with me so much I will get dry between my legs and it will start... Continue reading
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vaginal rejuvenation price you really should keep an eye on: query Torrry : Has any individual had the vaginal tightening procedure? Rejuvenation? How much did it cost and it was worth Best answer:. response Silver Thunderbird WOW ... never ever heard of, and I'm pretty well versed in this stuff... Continue reading
Posted Dec 4, 2012 at's blog
Vaginal on girls testimonials: Question by Sean: What's the distinction amongst vaginal blood and blood for your body? Why can not vaginal blood be stored and used in hospitals to assist individuals? Best answer: Answer by D STrigger it has other fluids, such as discharge, mixed in with the vaginal... Continue reading
Posted Dec 3, 2012 at's blog
Personal Lubricant for Ladies Critiques: question mellowcello1988 : How individual lubricant KY warming wood I spilled lubricant KY warming individual on my dresser and hardwood floors. Does any individual know how to get there? Made of wood It is a white, round mark left in my woods. . Thank you... Continue reading
Posted Dec 2, 2012 at's blog
estrogen cream vaginally for women notice: question four : Do you have estrogen cream employed on the skin of the face do you actually seen a difference in wrinkles? and what is drought vaginal cream? Thank you Finest answer . Answer West Coast no wrinkles right here, but of program,... Continue reading
Posted Dec 1, 2012 at's blog
Some new permanent residence hair removal Board Evaluation: query : What was the permanent hair removal, which was presented at the show The Doctors I do not know if it was an old episode or not, but I'm positive it is prior to "What Women Truly Want" simply because they... Continue reading
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Some current tightening of the vagina Board Evaluation: query : Exactly where can I find a residence remedy for vaginal muscles tighten Does any individual know how her vagina muscles, with out tightening the kegel workouts. I am searching for an answer to the very best property remedie :... Continue reading
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breast augmentation price tag you really should keep eye on: Query by Tracy: How a lot is a breast augmentation in the bay area? I'm incredibly aware that there are a lot of variables that impact the price of this procedure. I just wanted to get actual costs from individuals... Continue reading
Posted Nov 28, 2012 at's blog
eradicate vaginal odor girls advice on: question Brenda e : What is the answer to remove vaginal odor get rid of the smell Greatest Answer vaginal: response V Really would be the finest way to wash the area daily with mild soap and Wasser.Douching is not recommended because it can... Continue reading
Posted Nov 27, 2012 at's blog