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One of my favourite things about this video is the chap in the background who seems completely unaware of what's going on behind him! He's just playing his game, minding his own business...
If I get an anonymous christmas present of a knitted boob I'll know who to thank - particularly after one of the other authors of this site was swanking about showing off how good she was at knitting... and did anyone else notice how appropriate it is that this little find came from 'boing boing'?
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2005 on knit a tit at inkycircus
I have an idea. Let's not bother with this whole entrepreneur thing. Let's just make a big pie and eat it all. All of it. Every last slice. Mm pie.
Amen to that. When are we going??
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2005 on serenity NOW! at inkycircus