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Katie Scott
Sunny Florida
Scrapbooking - Bikram Yoga Practicing - Picture Taking - Kayak Paddling - Disney Tripping - Mom, Wife, and Lawyer
Interests: Scrapbooking, taking pictures, writing stories, living a happy and healthy life with my family, bikram yoga, skiing, improv comedy classes, mind mapping, many, many interests.
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See my scrapbooking on the go mini kit - and a layout share of the nine layouts I've made so far with this kit. Supplies: Crate Paper Jouney; Teresa Collins; Amy Tangerine; Dear Lizzy; Prima; Silhouette Cameo; and lots of other goodies from my scrapbook stash. Continue reading
Posted May 15, 2015 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
This scrapbook layout is all about the ride home from our spring break road trip last year and how we got new tires and averted disaster. Seriously - we got to the tire shop 5 minutes before they closed. I had no idea my tires were this worn - the damage was on the inside. Yikes. Supplies: American Crafts Amy Tangerine and October Afternoon Stickers; Crate Paper Washi Tape (that came in the form of a 12x12 sheet); Studio Calico 6x6 paper pad. And I thought I made a scrapbook process video of this page while I made it but I couldn't seem to find it so here's another scrapbook layout about that same road trip: *** Continue reading
Posted May 15, 2015 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
My sister, Jenny, will beat you at any word game. I should know - she's been beating me at Boggle for our entire lives and lately she gets something like triple or quadruple my score in Words With Friends. Supplies: October Afternoon, DCWV, We R Memory Keepers, and Me and My Big Ideas / MAMBI. Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2015 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
Hey Scrapbookers! Most of the scrapbook layouts I make are single pagers; however, lately, with the inspiration over at Masterful Scrapbook Design / Get It Scrapped - I'm loving the double wide again: One reason I'm loving the two pager again is that I'm thinking of this set up more as a one page layout with a supporting page. So the left part of this 2 pager could totally stand alone as a regular one page scrapbook layout: In this case the supporting page includes lots of journaling, but more often than not my supporting page includes a ton of photos. I had lots of random memories that I wanted to jot down so doing this journaling only page was a great way to get them down on paper. One more thing, I used an original photo on this page! I sewed a part of a plastic pocket onto the page so that the original photo was safe and sound - the stickers are on top of the page protector for that photo rather than right on the photo: Want to see more 2 page layouts? Go check out Loving the Double Wide at Masterful Scrapbook Design. Want to hear more about one page layouts versus two page layouts? Go check out The Scrap Gals Podcast: Episode 67: Real Life vs. Pros which includes a discussion about the 1 versus 2 page layout. Want to see my process video for making this page? Go to my You Tube Channel: Thanks for stopping by! *** Continue reading
Posted May 11, 2015 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
This was Mother's Day 2012 - this year we did the family photos with my new selfie stick which I'm having a lot of fun with - just check my Instagram account if you are curious about what kinds of pictures I'm getting. And just as I am posting this - my daughter came in and said "Happy Mother's Day" again and gave me a hug. That's all we really want, right? I am so thankful to be a mother - it really is the best thing I've ever done. The layout design for this page was inspired by the Spring Colors line over at The Digital Press - loving the triangles. Here's the scrapbook process video showing how I made the page: Happy Mother's Day! *** Continue reading
Posted May 10, 2015 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
So this month at Get It Scrapped / Masterful Scrapbooking Design, it's all about two page layouts or as Debbie puts it: "Loving the Double Wide" Here's my take (in the form of a scrapbook process video) on Emily Pitts' advice to border the entire two page layout to give the layout a cohesive feel: This was layout #3 in my 9 layout series using my DIY / Make Your Own Scrapbook Kit Series inspired by Crate Paper's Journey collection. *** Continue reading
Posted May 9, 2015 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
Hello Scrapbookers! I'm loving my new system of creating my own scrapbooking kits and making 9 layouts from the kit - I'm on the third "Create Your Own Kit" kit! This one is inspired by Crate Paper's Journey Line embellishment pack - and it is so cute! Take a look: *** Continue reading
Posted May 8, 2015 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
Everything old is new again. When I started scrapbooking, I did 8.5 x 11 layouts - and I still do them from time to time, but the majority of my pages are 12x12. I've noticed so many 8.5 x 11 layouts on Pinterest this year - I think this size is definitely making its come back. A few of the things I like about this size are that the pages go together quickly and they are easier to store than 12x12 layouts. What size layouts are you making? Leave a comment, I would love to know. This page is all about my Grandma Grace who never stopped talking - thus the "blah blah blah" patterned paper was so appropriate for this layout. She was also a collector of stuff - she was an expert at squirreling things away in drawers and closets. She loved an abundance of stuff - thus the little to no white space on this layout matches her personality. I miss her so much. I thought I made a process video for this layout but I can't seem to find it - but here's another layout I made about my Grandma Grace with the Jenni Bowlin October 2014 kit: *** Continue reading
Posted May 7, 2015 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
Over the past week or so I've been making my own scrapbook kits using a 6x6 paper pack as inspiration for theme and color and then challenging myself to create 9 layouts with the kit. So far I've made two kits: the first inspired by Kelly Purkey's Mon Ami line with Basic Grey and the second inspired by Dear Lizzy's Serendipity and Polka Dot Party lines with American Crafts. The result has been an explosion of creativity for me! I made 9 layouts with the first kit and 11 with the second kit (and one more to come so that will be 12 with the second). Want to see how I did it all? Well, I also made 20 scrapbook process videos - you can see how I made the kits and how I made the layouts. Fair warning: my videos are intentionally unprofessional - I make my videos so they are in real time so scrapbookers can see how long it actually takes me to make a layout - so for the most part so the videos tend to run long (like about an hour) - some people like the longer format so that they can watch and think of me as their virtual crop buddy. And like a crop buddy - I talk about all sorts of things from what I'm doing to make the scrapbook layout, to news from around the online scrapbook community, to which movie my family watched last night and how we liked it, to the ups and downs of homeschooling - really it is whatever pops into my mind. Nothing is rehearsed or planned - I just press record on my ipad (which is what I use to film the videos) and start scrapping and talking. I realize that many people do not want a long video - if you are in that camp - just watch the first 2 or 3 minutes of the video - I make that part of the video at the end of my process so that the long video starts with a short - here's how I made this layout and what the finished result looks like - I know some people who just watch that part of the video and then maybe skip ahead to the parts that interest them. Want to start with a shorter video (6 minutes) that recaps a bunch of layouts? And here's a more typical longer scrapbook process video (45 minutes): Thanks for stopping by - please leave a comment to let me know what types of scrapbook process videos you'd like to see. Continue reading
Posted May 6, 2015 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
Hey Scrapbookers: I've been scrapbooking lots in 2015 but blogging has fallen off my radar - time to get it back on. I've been working on making my own kits inspired by paper pads - there are lots of videos over on my You Tube Channel: With each homemade kit, I'll be creating 9 layouts which will include videos. So come and play along - I've found that making a kit and then challenging myself to create a set number of layouts is a very easy way to get a ton of layouts created in a short time. #fasterscrapping Thanks for looking :) Katie. *** If you'd like to pick up some of these delightful papers (or anything else you might need), check out the Amazon affiliate links: Continue reading
Posted May 5, 2015 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
Hey Scrapbookers! 2014 was a little sparse on the blogging front. I'm hoping to change that in 2015. I'd like to re-create a place where I document my scrapbooking adventures and my real life. A little of both is probably my happiest place - in the beginning it was mostly real life and in the past few years it's been more about scrapbooking. I'd like to get to some sort of happy middleground of both. I'm planning to create a blogging schedule (both here and at my professional law blog). It is probably going to take some doing - which I'm going to have to be OK with. Lots of changes are coming for 2015. Good Change. Honest Effort. And my word of 2015? BRAVE. So here's a quick recap of 2014: 1. School for Mac was a challenge, I did in school tutoring which was helpful but not the solution. We made a decision as a family to home school Mac. That starts tomorrow. Brave New World. We don't have a solid plan, but have a rough outline and we're going to do what works. Allison made a plea for her to homeschool starting next year and we gave her a definite maybe. 2. We did lots of traveling: Utah for skiing; Spring Break road trip to Missouri; Allison and I did an epic 20 day road trip up the East Coast (I still need to scrapbook this - or at least do an epic photobook); the whole family went to the Keys right before school started. And we already have wanderlust for 2015 - we're talking about getting our passports again and going to Iceland, Eastern Canada and the Bahamas. 3. Work was ok - we need to ramp things up in 2015. 4. Charlie spent lots of time with his parents, helping his mom transition to getting a live in helper for his dad who has Alzheimers. They are 90 and 94. His dad is like a busy toddler on a mission and his mom was really stressed out - the live in helper is making things lots more tolerable. 5. While we technically got our dog, Jessie, in 2013, it was over this past year that she really warmed up to us. She was a rescue dog from Alabama with an independent disposition. After having labs, I sort of missed the snuggly nature of my old dog Dandy (a yellow lab who only wanted to be with us and eat), it took me a while to actually fully love Jessie, but now I do and she does and she even snuggles with me on occasion - for a very brief time - but it is something. And sometimes Charlie calls her "black Dandy". I've really fallen in love with Jessie. 6. I didn't do as much scrapbooking as usual in 2014 but I did make more scrapbooking process videos than ever. I hope to increase the frequency of my scrapbooking in 2015 and to maybe put... Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2015 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
I am excited to be participating in the Scrapbooker's Blog Tour today! What fun. Michelle Houghton tagged Sue Althouse who posted last Monday. Michelle and Sue are on the creative team at Get It Scrapped! and are among the talented teachers at Creative Passion Classes. If you are interested in Copic markers, artistic doodling, or mixed media, you'll want to be sure to check out Michelle's classes. Thanks for inviting me to be part of the tour, Sue! Now, on to the questions: 1. What Am I Working on Right Now? Is it ok to say nothing?! My sister was in town over the weekend to see the Tom Petty concert. We had a blast. So I'm taking a day to get back to my routine and I'll be back to scrapbooking again tomorrow. I am taking a little break from a daily scrapbook process video series that was inspired by Get It Scrapped's Story Play to work on a project for Jenni Bowlin. This video shows all about how I clear off my desk from an ongoing - and messy - project to switch gears to a different project; and I threw in a comments Q&A. Once I'm finished with the Jenni project, then I'll be able to pull out the DIY scrapbook kits I made for Story Play and continue with the daily scrapbook process videos. 2. How Long Does It Take Me To Create A Project? I used to say that it took me about 30 minutes - but that was when I had a stand up scrapbook room space. Since moving my scraproom about a year ago, my process is a bit slower and I'm blaming that on the fact that I now sit down to scrapbook. The other thing that happened when I switched scrapbook spaces was that I started making scrapbook process videos - and I think that also slows me a down a little bit. So now I'd say anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half per scrapbook page - but I'm enjoying the process for the most part so I am happy even with my slowed down pace. Here's a look at the current scrapbook room: 3. What Are My Favorite Things To Create With At the Moment? My husband gave me a Silhouette Cameo Die Cutting System for Christmas (see affiliate link below) and lately it is probably my favorite thing - especially since I can cut very specific items: Like the axe and the family tree title that I used on a page about Lizzie Borden - whom I just discovered is my second cousin six times removed. And my other current favorite thing to create with is the Ancestry DNA kit and the family tree - I keep buying the kits and we are getting more and more family members tested and my family tree is growing like crazy - don't worry - we don't have too much crazy in the family - and Lizzie was... Continue reading
Posted Sep 22, 2014 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
This page was made for a Get It Scrapped Blog Post about using a timeline to tell a story on your scrapbook page. Continue reading
Posted Sep 16, 2014 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
I'd like to say this page was inspired by Get It Scrapped's Story Play - but it is just a timeline of my summer road trip with my daughter. I'll take some GIS inspiration for tomorrow's layout. This layout was a good way for me to remember all the details and dates of our trip. I haven't gotten all of the photos printed yet, so this will be a good "table of contents" type layout for our road trip album. I also made some square punches from the travel brochures and just tacked them to the back of this layout for potential use on a future page about this trip: Of course I made a scrapbook process video: (coming soon) Continue reading
Posted Sep 14, 2014 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
Can you guess the metaphoric phrase I used on this layout? It was inspired by Noell Hyman's scrapbook layout in Get It Scrapped's ebook: Story Play. I paired a traditional 12x12 layout with a divided page protector so I could get more pictures included. I even put more pictures on the front side of that divided page protector: Here's a closer view of the 12x12 layout: And of course I made a scrapbook process video while I made the page: Continue reading
Posted Sep 13, 2014 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
I am a right brained thinker. I see the big picture. I believe that anything is possible if I create a solution by approaching the problem in a new way - or better yet by doing it my own way. I’m not excited about specific dates or details. I don’t... Continue reading
This page was inspired by Story Play at Get It Scrapped - although it is very different than the layouts that you will see there - many of the Story Play layouts incorporate poetry prompt challenges - and poetry is a bit challenging for me - so I took the poetry inspiration and translated that to using the title pages from some of the books on my bedside table. Of course I made a scrapbook process video: Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2014 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
The subject of this page was a post by Debbie Hodge over in the Get It Scrapped's Forums. I used the hashtag #mynewnormal for a bunch of photos that I took on 9/3/14 and uploaded to Instagram; then I got onto my computer later that day and printed a screenshot on my home printer. Of course I made a scrapbook process video: Continue reading
Posted Sep 11, 2014 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
One of my favorite layouts in this month's Get It Scrapped's STORY PLAY included a pie chart - which made me think of the pie charts of ethnicity we've been getting back from; so I thought making a scrapbook page would be a fun way to document getting my Ancestry DNA results. I'm 69% British and 20% Irish; I also included all the ethnicities that made up the other 11% - those are the pie shapes made with Copic Markers. Of course I made a scrapbook process video: *** Thanks for stopping by. If you'd like to help support this blog while you shop at Amazon - please click on one of these Amazon Affiliate links - once you are there you can get whatever you want - a tiny percentage (4%) goes back to pay the expenses of maintaining this blog. Thanks! Related articles Get It Scrapped Post: Pie Charts Hello Scrapbooking, I'm maybe back. + a 12x12 scrapbook layout: "Mom's Pop + Punk Music from the 80s + 90s" 2 Two Minute Scrapbook Tips Using Your Silhouette Electronic Die Cutter. Speed Scrapbooking: 7 Layouts In One Night Continue reading
Posted Sep 10, 2014 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
There were several travel related layouts in GET IT SCRAPPED's Story Play and I loved the one by Debbie Hodge that included numbered photos with a key to each numbered item. I though this would be a great way to save some of the travel memorabilia I picked up during what I'm calling our Epic Summer Road Trip of 2014: Going through and saving some of the items helped me part (throw away) a lot of the brochures and bits that I collected. I often go through this type of a process when I'm traveling - I collect lots, bring it home, scrapbook some of it so I can let the rest of it go. Of course I created a scrapbook process video to go along with this page: *** Want to go shopping at Amazon and help support this blog? Click on one of the affiliate links - thanks! Related articles The Digi Show Podcast - List of Episodes for PAPER Scrapbookers Masterful Scrapbook Design: Sad News & Good News 2 Two Minute Scrapbook Tips Using Your Silhouette Electronic Die Cutter. Get It Scrapped Post on Scrapbooking with Stencils and Masks Continue reading
Posted Sep 9, 2014 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
The layout design of this page was inspired by one of Debbie Hodge's scrapbook layouts in Get It Scrapped's STORY PLAY, although my page came out a lot different than the original. The page title was inspired by Angie Lucas's new class at Big Picture Classes: Quizapalooza. Want to download some of the Quizapalooza prompts for free? Click here for free Quizapalooza prompts Want the chance win a free spot in Quizapalooza? Leave a comment on the You Tube process video for THIS LAYOUT "BLESSED" telling me why you feel lucky or blessed. Here's the process video: And here's a little peek at the Quizapalooza class: Continue reading
Posted Sep 8, 2014 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
Get It Scrapped's Story Play includes scrapbook pages created with the help of the map motif. I adore the map motif and included it in my Story Play Make Your Own Kit #1 - and I used this page as an opportunity to use up some letter sticker sheets. My daughter is 10 and we've seen almost half of the United States - our goal is to see all 50 by the time she is 18. Of course I made a scrapbook process video: *** If you'd like to support this blog while you do some shopping, click on one of the following Amazon Affiliate Links - thanks! Related articles Scrapbook Improv and Using What You Have Available 2 Two Minute Scrapbook Tips Using Your Silhouette Electronic Die Cutter. Get It Scrapped CT Blog Hop #MasterfulScrapbookDesign & #Scraplifting Corrie Jones / Process & Finished Layout (updated) Continue reading
Posted Sep 7, 2014 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
This page is finally a page in which I stay pretty true to scraplifting Carrie Arick's page that appears in Get It Scrapped's Story Play - I've been trying to scraplift this one for days but I have kept getting off track - finally I'm on track to a scraplift of the layout design, the color combination, and the six word title! The page wasn't hard to scraplift, but I had a hard time staying true to the layout design and using my homemade kit - so I'm happy to mark this one off my "to scraplift" list. The page is all about how my 2nd great grandparents decided to move west from Massachusetts to Kansas where my great grandmother was born; but then decided to move back to Massachusetts. Their decision had a big impact on our family. I have some idea of why they decided to come back but I still feel like I don't know the complete story - especially since my 2nd great grandfather's brother stayed out in Kansas. I will be adding the text of some of Ella Augusta Hastings Allen's writings which appeared in a women's magazine about life in Kansas on the left side of what will be a 2 page spread in my scrapbook. I have her writings in my family records, when I find them I will try to remember to take a few photos and update this post so you can see what that looks like. Of course I made a scrapbook process video - although sometime during the end my recorder went off unexpectedly - but I think I got most of the process on camera: Want to see the inspiration page? Go To GET IT SCRAPPED. *** If you are enjoying this blog series and wish to help support this blog and keep the free videos coming, please consider clicking on one of the Amazon affiliate links below - once you are at Amazon then you can purchase whatever you want and 4% of the purchase goes back to the upkeep and maintenance of having this blog on Typepad. I don't always use the Amazon Affiliate Links - but I do like to add them when I pay the annual fees to Typepad and GoDaddy. Thanks for your support and have fun shopping! Continue reading
Posted Sep 6, 2014 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
This layout which was inspired by Story Play at Get It Scrapped is all about how my grandparents met. Journaling: Grandma Grace Flavin and Grandpa Allen Cunningham grew up spending their summers in the same beach town of Mattapoisette, MA. Of course I made a scrapbook process video, here's the link: *** Want to support this blog while shopping at Amazon? Here are some affiliate links - thanks! Continue reading
Posted Sep 5, 2014 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking
Hey Scrapbookers! Today's layout is inspired by GET IT SCRAPPED's Story Play and it is all about my Grandma Grace, the page is actually a letter to her. Of course I made a scrapbook process video: Here are the words on the page: Dear Grandma: I miss you. I wish you could be here to see Mac and Allison - but more importantly for them to see you. I talk about you to them all the time so they do know you in a sense - but I can never fully capture the way you had of telling stories and keeping everyone entertained and laughing - you had an effortless comedic ability and timing that I don't think I've ever seen in anyone - except maybe a little bit in Allison - that funny without trying - the funny because it is candid and honest and true. You observed things about people that most people miss and you could relay your thoughts in the most delightful stories. And you never stopped talking. I miss your voice and your heart and I miss laughing with you. I love You. Katie, 8/2014. *** If you'd like to help support this blog and pick up some great scrapbooking supplies (or anything really), please use our Amazon Affiliate Link (once you are there from this site, then we get a tiny percentage - like .04% - which helps us to keep paying Typepad to host this blog!) THANK YOU! Continue reading
Posted Sep 4, 2014 at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking