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Congratulations, Mr. Wikert! :)
Oh - you know what you should do? You should totally start a crowd-sourced page of links for THE GAME. That way the community becomes responsible for the content. Be the change you want to see in the world, Joe! Also, I was going to say that about how it'd be better to have one page with all the links, and/or push the updates. I really was. (Also, I'm too busy re-routing broken links to take time and leave comments on peoples' blog posts.)
So, I know your point is a bit broader than this, but one thing to keep in mind -- links go bad. As a publisher or author, if you choose not to embed media, or create your own online content, but choose to link to pages and sites that you don't have control over, at some point you risk delivering a less than stellar user experience. Should a reader of your book click on links that result in error pages, or content that is not what they were expecting, they will no doubt become a frustrated and grumpy reader. Frustrated, grumpy readers blame either the publisher or author. And complain about the publisher or author. On blogs. Like this one. ;-)
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May 14, 2012