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Katrina Eike
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No, it's the Elaine Benes ("Seinfeld") dress! Well, maybe if it were 2-3 inches longer... check out the NY Times "Style" section today - the floral dress with granny boots and anklets is baaaack!
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O.K., I'm so inspired by this dress (and blog) that I just picked up a beautiful antique White sewing machine - model 764 - and I'm going through the manual to figure out how it works. Thank you for sharing your projects and love of handcrafting clothes!!
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Love it! And I love how your blog is evolving... the best part is seeing the pics of you wearing your creations "in real life" and hearing about the tricky parts. Really great work!
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Feel better soon! I was watching "Evita" this week and saw SO many great 30s-40s dresses on Madonna and the rest of the cast. Thought of this blog - if you feel like drinking some OJ, putting your feet up and watching it, I bet you'll get some wonderful inspiration from the costumes!
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PERFECT! You definitely should make more 40's-style halters, it's a very flattering style on you!
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2010 on No Dress Left Behind at The Sew Weekly
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I know what you mean about the Novato estate sale 'spoiling' you... had that happen to me at a garage sale here in Denver this summer. Bought a whole box of antique silk Japanese Obi for $25, and another box full of antique Japanese pottery and china for $20. I am totally spoiled now. Enjoy your new patterns, fabric and vintage sweaters - they are wonderful!
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Mar 23, 2010