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the ruminating redhead
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Another thing about "eustress" ...Selye coined the phrase that it does not cause the same damaging physiological state as "bad" stress. Bad stress-if left unattended to run rampant through your body-will kill you. Eustress will simply motivate and empower you.
I just noticed that this post is 10 days old, but I hope you don't mind if I reply with both a comment and a question. Comment: People and companies who fight dirty deserve the same treatment. Jamming someone's servers is wrong no matter what justification these Blue Security guys thought up for themselves. If they cannot promise their customers that they will stop the spam in an ethical manner they don't belong in the business of security. My question shows my inexperiece in the cyber tech world, I guess. How did the angry spammer justify his actions, and what did he mean when he said that Blue Security's tactics caused him to send out 20-40 more e-mails to his customers. I don't get the connection; can you explain it to me? Thanks much KC