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I love that we live in an age where science-fiction regularly becomes science-fact. :-)
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I looove My Drunk Kitchen! Also, this made me giggle. Now, give me the free wifi, biatch! ;-P
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Aaaw, now that's the reaction we all hope for when we think we've found the perfect gift for a loved one! That's a FAB clip! And it's a really touching gift actually, with the shared history, that's really sweet.
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Husband and I went to a friend's for the weekend a few days ago. Was a perfect, relaxed weekend. He introduced us to Ticket To Ride and Settlers, neither of which we'd played before, we really enjoyed both. And we also played Carcassone, which we know but hadn't played for a while. Other than that, all we did was visit a local camera/ whisky store (it's fabulous, sells your normal camera hardware, but sold by folks who know the specs and can advise on what you're buying but it also sells an extensive range of really good whisky, mostly Scottish but some whiskey from Ireland and some international stuff). And cook a roast dinner. And play more games, some weird fish thing on PS3 called Flow which I found strangely addictive once I stopped flinging the controller around like a crazy lady trying to get to grips with the motion detection controls. We don't play games often but we always really enjoy it when we do. It's a great way to spend time with friends, in my opinion. Sorry your group has disbanded.
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Can't wait to read what you called it. Loved reading about your bottling day. And the father son excitement and time together. Sweet!
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My sister was born on my 3rd birthday. As there are only the two of us, it's pretty easy to remember birthdays in our family! One year, a short time before our birthday, she was with me when someone asked how old I was. "33" I said, without thinking about it. Sister looked at me in horror and told me I was 32, thank you very much, she had all of a few weeks left before she hit 30! The whole year I'd been mentally 33 years old. So I got to be 33 for the next year too!
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Jul 29, 2011