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Kay Wade
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What is it about Spring that makes us want to write it all down, and take picture after picture? Can't wait for the photos in April, when you get back to SC. Politics as usual down here, lol, but hope all is going good with the new job.
My own love affair with worms began after reading The Earth Moved. I started a worm bin, and it seemed like it took forever to get going. And then a couple of years ago we moved, and DH talked me in to selling my beloved worm bin to a customer who coveted it. However, I managed to smuggle a handful of worms to our new location inside the compost tumbler. And now, sooooo many worms! I definitely need a new worm bin, and would love to own the book so I can share it with the grandkids. Good luck, everybody!
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Another thing I am grateful for: Botanical Gardens, and the people who support them.
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So, here is what Keith Richards and I have in common...
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Jan 11, 2010