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Missed my chance at the freebie download. Drat! I'll actually have to (*GASP*) buy it... (Off topic) Picked up Just a Geek about the time you were having the issue with the so-and-so giving away the pdf. I bought it off of Amazon and am just now getting to be able to read it. (Blame David and Leigh Eddings for my lack of reading time) I am enjoying it thoroughly and am learning more about the Wil Wheaton I thought I knew about. You're my age and I always lived vicariously as a teen through your Star Trek role. Also, thanks for the vast laughs you got when I watched the Big Bang Theory and saw your episode. Please do it again! Apologies for the OT nature, but I didn't see another place to make joyous geek comments.
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Nov 18, 2009