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FNORD?!? Shazbat! MUNG!=Mung Until No Good. (Notice how it is recursive; recursion is a terrifyingly powerful tool in programming.) Notice that information content is inverse to message content predictability. For instance: 1,2,3,4,!#%&!#%&,6,7,8,9,10. One element in the message is garbled, but we can calculate it's value from the remainder of the message; thus, it's predictability is high, and therefore it's information content is low. HOWEVER, your profound writer's comment is SO unpredictable that the information content is SO high we cannot successfully decode it's true meaning, and only gaze on it in wonderment and awe. And in this is the true spirit of programming; the creation of meaning, the crystallization of abstract concept into detailed plan into functional expressed reality. "To dream, the highest Reality!" -Cpt James T. Kirk
Wow, I think I walked into a RELIGIOUS ISSUE™ here. I am a Pythonista since 1999, and only now am beginning to learn php as the firm we are doing work for is a php house. OK, so I learn php. It sure is different from Python! Still, I think I like it, even if it, like pearl, has a bazillion ways to get things done, none of which is designed according to a plan, and none of which is in any way the clear obvious way to get things done. But it works, it's IN the web page, I can do normal html and such, and switch into and out of the language without establishing special frameworks, so this looks like it's handy and useful. But it sure could use a rewrite to make it systematic. I like it. I also look sidelong at it, whilst going HUH?!?
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2010 on PHP Sucks, But It Doesn't Matter at Coding Horror
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Dec 4, 2010