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Thanks for not making it first come, first served! I never get firsties. :)
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It was wonderful meeting you, Wil! Thanks for taking the time to chat with everyone for a minute. It was so kind of you. I also really enjoyed your talk. And thanks for signing my Converse!
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This doesn't have to do with traditional gaming, but it's a good "spirit v letter of the law" story: My husband has this Thing which makes him unnaturally good at recognizing actors from very obscure roles. If that movie extra was in a Jimmy Dean commercial 5 years ago, he'll remember and obsessively point it out to me. Needless to say, watching Law & Order with him is a chore. So, a few months ago we were watching TV and for some reason we were watching the commercials (nothing good on the DVR?!). A Progressive commercial came on and I saw my chance to finally beat my husband to the punch. I triumphantly declared, "Hey, that looks like Tori from Saved by the Bell!" "It's not her." "It looks just like her." "It's not her." And so a bet was made. By the power of we discovered that the actress was... NOT Tori from Saved by the Bell, but her identical fucking triplet, also an actress. "They have the exact same DNA! It does look just like her." "Still not her." I believe on my death bed I will hear about the Progressive commercial with not-Tori-from-Saved-by-the-Bell. Katie B.
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Jun 22, 2010