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agreed, duel core is fine now but in 9 months to a year i will be very jealous of the quad core. I can't afford to buyu a new phone every year as well.
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That NHL lockout defiantly helped the brand of Hockey. It is now more entertaining because they changed some rules, i.e. 2 line pass. The NBA needs a better system then the one they have.
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I think Pierce should play the 2. He's clearly getting slow on his drives. He gets more of his shots blocked now.
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Its terrible and as a huge basketball fan, i find myself watching less ball because of this. When players drive to the hoop, their fist thought is to draw a foul and not score the basket. Players flop more in the nba then in soccer. I think the nba needs some major rule changes or their gonna lose some of the hardcore fans. Even tough I realize ratings are up this playoffs
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Nice job calling out Felger. Drives me nuts listening to him talk about the celtics. Brings no insight. If JO plays the way he has, we got Miami in the bag.
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Apr 26, 2011