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Kevin Murphy
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I think we should refuse to burn any of that Arizona coal in power plants, or buy power from anyone who does. Also, Colorado River water goes through Arizona, we shouldn't accept that, either!
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I think it's more like: either you are a Democrat, or you pretend to be, or you are ostracized by all "right-thinking people." Nothing much ever changes.
Of course, if one wants to find real Federal horror for blacks, it isn't the mild Plessey one needs to read, but the truly vile Cruikshank. Basically Cruikshank said that if the KKK wanted to lynch blacks and the state wanted to deprive blacks of most all civil rights, the federal government had no ability to intervene, the Bill of Rights did not apply, and the 14th Amendment was of little effect. And yet, the District of Columbia used Cruikshank as precedent in fighting for their gun ban in Heller.