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Co-executors John Branca and John McClain deserve credit for calling out Discovery Channel on this program and especially on this sick ad. It's about time someone showed some guts and leadership in telling some of these TV programmers they have crossed the line. Michael's fans and family should be grateful for this.
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I like this game. Reviewers like this game. Users like this game, which is obvious by its sales. The only critical mass of people who don't seem to like this game are the people posting comments to this blog. What a coincidence.
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dude, what do you mean "rather than building a franchise for the future"? They've got 3 franchises that have done one bil plus, including guitar hero. sims is only the most popular pc game. mario and pokemon were bigger. don't rant without facts.
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Q: What's stopping Respawn from blowing COD out of the water in one year or two? A: EA
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Aug 6, 2010