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I'm fine with resting these guys. HCA was pissed away earlier in the season to teams like the bobcats, washington, new jersey etc. One thing I noticed last night was that Ray Allen was the only starter on the bench. Pierce was there early, then gone. If Doc was resting the starters and trying to get the bench more together I think the starters should have been there to show their support and show that they are a TEAM. Just an observation that bothered me.
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Heard this same crap for half the season last year. Running out of time guys. I worry they're thinking how far they went last year and think they can do it again with no problem. I personally don't think they can, hope I'm wrong though. I also worry that Stern will make sure the Lakers make it to the finals again (remember the Kings 2002?) Without home court I don't think they can win it all this year, again, hope I'm wrong. Go Celtics.
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Mar 15, 2011