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I've got to take issue with your formulation, Rick, though the overall point is correct. Stated the way you have done, there would be 'no trend' in the UAH temperature record, for instance: its calculated value is 0.11 C/decade, but if you look at the anomaly values for 1998 (0.42 C) and 1999 (-0.05 C), you will find a 'fluctuation' of 0.47 C, or more than four times the decadal trend. Yet as you know, the reported UAH is indeed robust and statistically significant.
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2016 on A difference in nonsense at Arctic Sea Ice
"…cooler than the air…" Indeed. Readers may be interested in the investigations of William Charles Wells, who investigated the phenomenon of dew in the 1810s, winning the Royal Society's Rumford Medal for his considerable pains. (Also, later, the admiration of none other than John Tyndall.) Having considered these “circumstances” affecting the formation of dew, Wells examines the “circumstances” affecting the cold which is dew’s precursor: on clear, still nights, the grass would become much cooler than the air temperature (customarily measured at 4 feet); long grass would cool more than short grass; and wind or cloud tended to eliminate this difference in temperature—although high cloud “would yet frequently allow of the grass being several degrees colder than the air.” The ground beneath the grass would be warmer; metal lying upon the grass tended to be warmer, too.
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2014 on More on melt ponds at Arctic Sea Ice
3.25 If memory serves me correctly, that was my previous guesstimate. Repeating it reflects my assessment that the slow start will not strongly affect the September outcome. The original rationale was a guesstimate that 2012 did indeed represent a regime change, and that the process of ice loss would end up taking us 10% below the 2012 value.
Excellent summary, Neven. This bit: "As the melting season ends, it feels as if things are only beginning. The age of consequences." ...really spoke for me.
Cool! And from a 'bird' designed to deliver information on wind... But I have to wonder how homogenous this year's data is? Presumably IJIS have done what they can to splice the data as adroitly and as accurately as possible? Oh well, that won't affect our ability to follow day to day changes--though historical context will remain somewhat problematic, I suspect.
Toggle Commented May 15, 2012 on ASI 2012 update 2: no daily data at Arctic Sea Ice
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