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Jack: I totally respect that you don't agree with me and I have nothing but respect for the opinion of your military member. Howver, my point is simply that this practice is not meant as any form of disrespect to anyone or anything. I can understand how people might feel as if it is, but they need to take a step back and realize what it really is. Think about where you are when it is done and why it is being done. As for somewhere in the middle's comment, I am just curious: Do you think that our military members resent those of us who are attending a sporting event when the military is overseas fighting? I sincerely doubt it. They are fighting for our country and for our freedoms. One of those freedoms is to be able to enjoy life and have some fun. The 80,000 fans at a Chiefs' game yelling "Home of the Chiefs" are no less proud of the troops than you or I, they are just having a good time, not meaning any sort of disrespect or dishonor. Let's take it for what it is: fun, pure and simple. Why not have a discussion of something that actually should matter instead of making something out of nothing? We should be mad at the commander-in-chief and his buddies for sending these wonderful people in the military over there to this war they, the leaders of our country, lied about from the get-go, rather than being angry with football fans having a good time, all in the name of fun.
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2007 on Respect national anthem at Unfettered Letters
The singing of "Home of the Chiefs" at the end of the national anthem when the Chiefs play is not meant to be anything but fun. It is not meant as a form of disrespect to our flag, our country, or our military. Chiefs' fans are just doing it to have fun, promote a feeling of excitement and pump up the crowd and the players. As a die-hard Chiefs' fan, and a wife of of Navy 13-year (and counting) Veteran, I am appalled at the insinuation that this is meant to disrespect our military men and women. My husband is one of the many fighting for our rights as a free country and if he wants to proclaim Arrowhead (or any other stadium he deems worthy) as the "Home of the Chiefs" for a simple football game, so be it. Let Chiefs' fans have their fun and quit reading so much into it.
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2007 on Respect national anthem at Unfettered Letters