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MLS isn't even giving credit to FCD on their power rankings. I guarentee you it's because of attendance and money issues. The MLS front office doesn't look at FCD as a profitable franchise yet.
FC Dallas has a real chance at winning the Western Conference. I don't think enough people are buying into it. Worst fanbase, no team in the league. What a story.
What? He's 20 years old! The ignorance of some of our fans just dumbfounds me. He has a World Cup, a Confederations Cup, a goal in La Liga at 19 years old, and a full premiership season under his belt...oh and a goal against Spain. If he was 28 with those stats, I would say give him the boot....but he's 20 years old. Good God you instant gratification idiots!
Yeah, sad that we have to wait on Jones but it's the right careful decision. Very exited about Omar though, he's better than Chad in my opinion.
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Jul 26, 2010