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Top 5 class is friggin awesome!! U guys need to look on the bright one player makes or breaks a team. Recruiting is about numbers not individuals. Keep bringing in top 5-10 classes = having the players and depth to contend for National Titles. What U do with them once they’re IN is just as or more important. There will always be guys we want but don’t get. If the overall number of 4-5 stars keeps increasing and we can pull in top 5-10 ranked classes year after year, we will compete for the conference every year and be in the NC picture. Add in an exceptional player and or exceptional coaching and we will win one again finally! Most players, even 4-5 star guys do not live up to the hype. Any one individual can flop just like any one 3 Star (or 6th round draft pick like TB) can become a hall of famer. It’s a numbers game. Ask Tony, he’s been saying it for years...
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Triggered huh? I guess u did nazi that coming. Posted by: 1mg of Epi | February 01, 2018 at 11:16 AM This is why I read. Well played Sir.
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Rosier runs around before being sacked. Kaaya just crumpled. Malik was able to avoid sacks and Brad couldn’t. Screwed with perceptions. My best guess. IMO when 3rd & 3 or less is legit running down is when we’ll have a “good enough” OL - not a great one but good enough. That hasn’t been the case in too long.
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Hey, U dudes aren’t going to keep up this back & forth BS all thru the off season are you?!? It’s seriously O-L-D.
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CR - good point. And for whoever mentioned Ken Dorsey; I agree 100% he’d make a great coach. Played at the highest level, but made it being student of the game and out-working others, not thru pure athleticism. Now has put in the time learning to coach and learning from different coaches/coaching styles. CANES!
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Great players in any sport tend to not make great coaches. The exceptions are rare. This seems particularly true of college football. Think about the never ending work cycle, the long hours, the recruiting, players parents, school administrations, donors, alumni, the media... knowing how to play a position doesn’t always translate into being able to teach others. And that is true across the board in Life. The smartest math nerds I know have a difficult time explaining it in a way that the average person understands and can learn from. Better to bet on the person as a coach that knows the subject intimately, played at high level but wasn’t a star and still has motivation and relates to the average better - a utility infielder in baseball for example or NBA role player.
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CANES had a margin of error of about 4 points vs Clemson even if had beaten Pitt. U guys don’t see the National perspective a lot of the time. Our big wins came at home. Significant road wins?... can’t count FSU this season. Barely beat them anyway. Beat GT by 1, UNC by 5, etc. No way a 1 loss CANES team gets in ahead of 1 loss Bama. Just my 2 cents. I personally LOVED watching this team! Most fun I’ve had in > a decade. Great group with huge heart & fighting spirit. Buuuut.... overachieved a little. Truly a 2 loss team that stole one in the big scheme. Shoulda woulda coulda. Look beyond this years and last years QBs. What was our 3rd down conversion %? Is 1st & Goal inside the 5 a passing down? Are the next two also passing downs? It all starts up front.
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ML - expensive. About $15 here. That’s for a reserved, leather recliner though so no waiting in line or fighting for seats. Almost all theaters in my area have gone that route. Dudeness - that’s disappointing. Sounds like basically every installment after 4,5,&6...
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Posted by: His Royal Dudeness | December 16, 2017 at 01:16 AM Please explain. I’m going today
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Great job Native! Glad U are doing well. Keep it up!
Auburn done for. I didn’t care all that much but feel good that the 2-loss team isn’t getting in. I’d like to see Wiskey lose also but only as long as OSU doesn’t get in. No 2 loss teams but especially no OSU. GO CANES!
It’s an omen.... just found real Cafe Bustelo Cafe Cubano made by actual Cubans at a drive-Thru Cuban food joint in Parker Texas!! What’re the odds? Life is Good. No way CANES lose now!
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Richt is on the clock. Posted by: 86Cane | November 29, 2017 at 11:01 PM #stirdapot
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2017 on Richt Seeks Redemption at Canespace
CoCane - Love reading your posts Bro. Brings me back to the old Omar days of The Legion! We’ve been wandering in the desert for over a decade now. Insane. But finally, some light at the end of the tunnel.
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Posted by: SinisterCane | November 29, 2017 at 06:00 PM This is good info. I didn’t realize we were so low comparatively. I don’t put 100% stock in the rating system and any individual rating is questionable, but overall in numbers it holds up that the more 4-5’s, the more wins. CR: Im not a doctor but my daughter tore her ACL while in high school. My understanding is that generally a Meniscus is less serious. It should be less down time significantly. Still 6 weeks or so if I recall correctly.
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2017 on The Melt Down In Steel Town at Canespace
Truth: No coach ever turned a Kirby Freeman (great heart little talent) into a Jim Kelly. Or a Ryan Leaf into Dan Marino. Some players are just better than others. Our guy was once told by his current coach that he’d never play based on his work ethic and poor performances. Our guy has heart though and worked his butt off and got better and won the starting position. But he is not and will never be a great QB. No matter who is coaching him. He had a bad game. The OL has a bad game. The RBs has a bad game. The coaches had a bad game. It hurts but it is what it is. Truth: Could just as easily say the HC and entire coaching staff brought instant improvement to a crappy middle of the road program and has fought thru adversity, injuries, and uneven play from the QB and OL to greatly overachieve as U can make criticisms. Richt isn’t Golden, thank God. He has a track record. He isn’t perfect but he has been one of the most consistently successful coaches in college football for a long time. Give him another year or two recruiting then make judgements. In the meantime, suffer thru the indignity of a 10-1 regular season and conference championship game.
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2017 on The Melt Down In Steel Town at Canespace
VA, CGNC - Thanks for the shout-outs. Right back at ya! Im around a lot, but don’t post like I used to. Killerbeez41 & Co speaking truth. We got whipped by a team that flat out played with more desire and intensity. Really should not have been a surprise given the emotion of the ND, VT, and VA games plus being a young team on the road. Hope should be that the lesson has been learned and that we will bring a big ol bag of whoop-azz on Sat! Never have given much credence to organized bias against our CANES. BUT... the holding penalty stat plus the All ACC results are too egregious to be denied. Total BS. My opinion?... the ACC and entire NCAA is simply in denial about the CANES being BACK. Their worst nightmare is happening before their very eyes! Well, newsflash losers...sticking your head in the sand ain’t going to save you from a well-deserved CANES ass kicking! If this roster is 10-1, just wait for 2019! For everyone crapping all over the coaches and (some of) the players... don’t forget the good - the same coaches and players managed to beat the sh_t out of the best teams we played this season and have only lost 1 out of the last 16. Yeah, it was a bad loss but any comparison to the circle jerk of the previous regime is ridiculous. U can just as easily make the case that this is a 9-3 team that got up-coached to 10-1. QB that didn’t win the starting job until late in the fall, disrupted season, loss of star RB, never-ending injuries to star WR, etc etc. Yet, here they sit with only 1 loss and only 1 win away from a conf championship! U can make the case that is a seriously good job of coaching. But, yeah...Pitt...I know, I know...
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One perspective no one has talked much about... take away all the schemes, coaching, play-calling, etc and football at its most basic is about pure physicality - beating the guy across from U. As well as the D played Fri, did anyone notice that Pitt’s O always seemed to fall forward or push forward for extra yards or a 1st down? On both D and O, our guys got hit and went backwards prob 70% overall. That says at the most basic level, Pitt brought The Wood. We did not. I agree with a lot of the criticism of the coaches. But its on the players to bring IT every game. Young guy players don’t go out & Bring Da Wood because old guy coaches yell & give good speeches. That motivation, energy, desire & focus has to come from each and every player. It is incredibly disappointing because we were SO close we could taste it! But reality is that this is an imperfect group that has overachieved and overcome adversity all season. It’s been an amazing ride and isnt over yet. 1 more win... 1 more over the top performance and we win the ACC! Just get IN the tourney....anything can happen on any given day Go CANES!
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What up “Party People”?!? Here’s looking at U CGNC! Da U! UMike - I heard that interview and it hit me also. HUGE cultural shift from the Golden Loser Years and speaks volumes about the return of “U Family” to the Program. Richt deserves big time accolades for turning around that loser culture so quickly. Fans lose sight that becoming a winning program is a process. It started last season but the combo of replacing a 3 year starting QB, Irma’s disruption & distraction, losing a NFL caliber starting RB, and the injury to Richards set us back, seriously set us back. That’s my explanation for the inconsistencies and some of the play calling. I see the team getting better though and certainly rose to the occasion last night, able to overcome the 3 INTs. That is mucho credit to Richt & the entire staff. AND mucho credit to the players - serious heart. Love it! ND is better than VT. I believe we can...will take em. But no joke, ND > VT.
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Posted by: Go Canes! | October 25, 2017 at 05:25 Over a decade of incompetence, losing, and irrelevance to shake off. “Golden-itis” to purge. And a young team dealing with an interrupted season learning how to win. It ain’t perfect. And I am skeptical about ND and VT. But it IS fun! And it is freakin SO EXCELLENT to finally be back on top of FL football! This team is mentally and emotionally tough. IMHO our CANES are a year ahead of schedule for being a top 10 team. So this is pure gravy and I’m lovin’ it!
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Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | October 24, 2017 at 10:44 PM Exactly. Well said.
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Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2017 on Why Are U So Consistently Inconsistent? at Canespace
The changing weather has changed my thoughts a little... I see a close game early that the CANES D eventually takes over and the O scoring a lot in the 4th. 31-17 CANES
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2017 on This Is The Time at Canespace
Lot of contradictions in game analysis. If fsu offense is bad and will have problems scoring against CANES D, then last thing U want to do is gift them turnovers that may lead to short field & easy score. Especially at their home when a couple of big plays can shift momentum. That makes a case for playing conservative - don't give a lesser team a gift that keeps them in the game or at least minimize the chance of doing so. Other side is that playing a good D in a rivalry game on the road means U have to take chances because scoring opportunities may not come along very often. IMO it's not Smart Mark calling a conservative game or an aggressive game per se. It's him picking the right times to play conservative and the right times to stomp em down. All that coaching or more specifically all that play calling doesn't matter at all though if the players don't beat the guy in front of them. Football always comes down to match ups and physically / mentally beating the other player. Line up & kick azz! It's been a hell of a long time since we cOuld honestly say that we have the better players. Today we do. The players gotta prove it on the field though. Bring The Stick Boys!
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