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Keith Hendrickson
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sportsman885, there is no voter fraud in Wisconsin??? Democrats are well known for this, plus slashing tires on election day and so forth. There is a reason why the democrats have a donkey as their face of their party because their jackasses. We need an ID for everything else, I guess you should be complaining about that also then uh? Hypocrite is is what a hypocrite does! Normally there are 2 elections dates in a election year. 365 days in a year. You telling me someone cannot find the time in 363 days of the year to get a state ID? Oh my gosh, how are they getting other services without ID? Face it, people have IDs and Walker is even paying for people that doesn't have IDs because he wants no excuse for people not having the money and not being able to vote. Unlike Democrats, Republicans wants all voters no matter what. You guys are too busy trying to shut everybody up that you are to ignorant to understand this. Unions have been a part of the major problem of driving away business for the last 100 years. Look at all the states/cities that has had democratic party rule for the last 50 or more years. Notice how they are the worst of the bunch. Now, notice the cities/states that have conservative party rule for the last 50 or more years, notice how they are run a lot better and in most cases are in the black. You see Democrat cities and states in the RED. That is a fact you cannot ignore or try to pretend isn't there.
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Oct 27, 2011