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kelly purkey
new york, new york
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Back in August I had about half a day to explore the city. I knew exactly what I wanted to do: a design hunt. I was on the hunt for some great inspiration in one of the most creative cities.... Continue reading
Posted 2 hours ago at My Wanderlist
I'm always in need of recommendations when I travel so I wanted to start a new series of blog posts sharing currated city guides from my friends. They're all experts in their hometowns or current towns and happy to share... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at My Wanderlist
Hi Chloe, I say long term trip because it was a long term for me - the most I am usually spending in one place is a week. I definitely felt like a local and not a tourist because I was able to take my time to get to know the city, rather than just hit the touristy hot spots. I made friends and made the city feel like a home. The post is titled that because they are tips for anyone who is looking on taking more than just a vacation to Paris. A post about actually moving to a country would be titled something completely different. You can check out my friend Stephanie's blog, she's moved to Italy for three years, so perhaps that'll be more helpful for you: I also recommend checking out some of the books I've mentioned on my reading lists, The Art of French Eating, Paris My Sweet, and Paris to the Moon. Those authors all made a move to Paris for at least a year. And maybe this is your chance to start a blog and put that helpful information out on the web for others to find. Bon voyage!
I tend to get very attached to parks. They beome like friends to me. In New York, it was Madison Sq Park. We had a special friendship. That was the place I would escape to just to hide away from... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at My Wanderlist
Thanks, Taylor! The font I use is Gibson.
Hi Kelly! Paris trip documented in this album:
Hi Tracy! I use a fine tip Sharpie, you can buy them at Target :) Also, MLO closed - so sad right?
In collaboration with Canon USA, I excited to be sharing a new favorite idea for documenting your travels. I always come back from a trip with a lot of little bits and although most make it into my scrapbooks, I... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at My Wanderlist
Yes there will be a new kit in October along with a big December kit
The font is called Gibson
I still have incredibly lofty dreams of getting my 2014 Project Life album complete (see previous weeks here.) I think I've got maybe ten spreads out of thirty-eight actually done. So... yeah. There's still hope! Ha. I thought it would... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at My Wanderlist
My high school best friends and I have a long time inside joke about lumberjacks, so when I started seeing plaid come out strong in the shops in Paris I have to say that was the first thing that popped... Continue reading
Posted Sep 22, 2014 at My Wanderlist
I miss the days of gobbling up books in cafes in Paris and have been trying to keep up with the long pile of books I want to read. Trying to find little snatches of time in between tons of... Continue reading
Posted Sep 19, 2014 at My Wanderlist
Thanks so much, Maricel! I am so happy that you like Second City. I am trying to make more time to play with it, so you'll be seeing more posts using it soon. Hope you have fun playing!
Aw shucks, thanks Camille! Hope you snag a Whitman add-on, it really is a fun one.
Thanks, Liz! And I'm so glad you like Second City :)
Hi Vanessa, thanks for stopping by! Four years in Germany - wow. That sounds incredible. It's hard to have your heart in two different homes, isn't it? Would love to check out your Instagram too if you want to share your profile name :)
This is a fantastic idea, will try to get a post on this topic up soon. Thanks, Liz!
Thanks, mama!
Thank you - you'll love Ali's stamps, they are super cool!
Thank you! I always hear Tim Gunn in my head telling me to "make it work" ;)
Awesome, thanks so much Megan!
Thanks, Kercia! So glad you commented. How amazing to get to spend a summer in Rome - that sounds fantastic. Hope that you get back very soon :)
Thanks, Taylor!
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When in Rome...
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2014 on Paris: A Mini Guide to Macarons at My Wanderlist