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Leggings are indeed funky looking - however, live through a Chicago winter and they will become a necessity. Warmth before beauty - perhaps you can have both? I guess the key is to find something that you find to be attractive and functional and to heck with everyone else's opinion. I think eccentric is the term used for people who dress for comfort and don't care what people think of their style. I have long since shelved "pretty" as the priority of the day. However, I love pretty, beautiful,fabulous textured fabrics and designs but I buy them for me - not what other people will think of me in them. If I don't look great in them but I feel great in them - jimmy crack corn and I don't care! Don't take a picture and just don't look. And for heaven's sake - don't try to put me on a fashion makeover show!
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2010 on You Don't Have to Be Pretty at A Dress A Day
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Dec 1, 2010