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Dr. Lirpa has done it again building the greatest american loudspeaker of all time.
It's a great film but quit milking the public over 2-d into 3-d but if the public wants it, who am I to stop it.
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I know of one person who is on standard cable with a HD tv that doesnot realize what he is missing by not having the upgrade for $10 a month and can well afford it. I had another person that said sort of "why do I need it" with a 50 inch 1080P television(preparing to take a package that asks for a HD upgrade). She receives some stations in HD right now and I said to her, how can you say that when you can see the difference between non-HD and HD.
Sounds like shades of the old Zenith space command,lol
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2009 on A remote that doesn't use batteries at Bitstream
Rather discriminatory I would say to the handicapped IMHO.
For those who can use this kind of surround speaker set-up in a proper room, it looks like a very nice surround speaker for the money. I am always concerned as to what materials are used for the surrounds on the woofers. I like the idea of a 10 year warranty.
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2009 on New Gear: Intimus 4BP Bipole Speaker at Bitstream
Everything takes time to grow. I suppose there were silicon chips around in 1947 to make wide screen televisions,lol. It took years for even the concept of "digital anything" to come into being and to first apply it to anything other than some stored up data such as this comment that I am writing.
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2009 on Good riddance to analog TV at Bitstream
Some tradeoff. I like some of the programs on the HDNET channels myself of which I get them on DIRECT-TV. In fact, I just finished watching a docu. on festivals in Japan and it was a great show to say the least. Yes, the high-def movies do look great too. I have been thinking to myself lately that HDNET is a pretty decent alternative cable network all in all and is not plastered with annoying commercials too.