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I am sick and tired of all the socialists on these sites wanting to indoctrinate the entire world with what they believe is right. I am sure there are many things in your behavior that I would find confusing Harvey (or whoever). Why don't you worry about the politics and citizens of Canada instead of forcing your beliefs down other countries throats. Better yet, worry about yourself. No one gave a crap about what people drove until a few years ago when the global warming claims came about. There was also global cooling in the 70's that they said was inevitable. Forgive us dirty greedy Americans that aren't buying electric cars because Al Gore says so. Freakin nut jobs want the entire world to do a 180 after 100 years of building up this culture of an oil based economy. Wake up. Trucks have been part of America since the early 1900's- this isn't something new. The next time you quacks want to tell me how to live, come on down to Colorado so I can show you my boot.
@SJC & ai vin Perhaps we can make you both honorary czars and you can decide who gets to drive a big truck and who does not. It appears that you both have extensive knowledge how people use their trucks and the earth is in real need of your expertise. I have a truck, not a big one, but a truck none the less. Sometimes I haul stuff, sometimes not. Quite frankly it's not your business. This world has spent the last 100 years using oil like it's water, now we're all going to die in the next 10 if everyone doesn't go electric? Goodbye cruel world. I read sites like these because I do care and would like to see more environmentally friendly power sources, but they are not here yet for most people. I promise you the day a BEV is made that produces similar to an ICE, they will sell like hotcakes. Until then, try not to judge everyone else and do your own part. FYI, most Super Duty buyers are looking for diesel for the towing and better fuel economy.
I think a $5 donation by all citizens would be money well spent if it helped end corruption. I would like to see contributions to state elections limited to voters that reside in that state as well. Californians shouldn't help decide elected officials in Texas.
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Jun 14, 2010