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Ian Kennedy
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Needless to say I torrent the hell out of "distros." In fact, I think I have about 6TB of "distros." I prefer my "distros" with DTS-MA, and in some cases want them to be "hi10p." Those are the best "distros."
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Indeed. Segaworks blew goats. We had one in Seattle. OMG. The lame was strong with that one. But a decent brewpub with wicked fast wifi and 80s arcade units? Beer and get my Zaxxon on? Sold.
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Well, the pr0n scanners if operated properly are pretty effective security devices. Get yourself some 4th amendment boxers.
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Security Theater. For the sheeple. Between the TSA groping people and stealing our laptops and the FBI fabricating their own "terrorists" it's just sad. As to the radiation: you get more flying. Not that it makes it any better, it's just more on top of what you already get just being above the shielding atmosphere. This is why pilots freaked out about the pr0n scanners. They already get cooked every day on the job.
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Nice. But I can has deinterlacing plz? Video newbs, do not post to the youtuoobz.
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Mar 31, 2010