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I wondered about that too. It turns out the 9-1-1 was rolled out as a national emergency service number in 1968 (; however, as you point out, individual communities were slow to adopt it. Even to the point that, in 2008, there were still small pockets of the country that don't have it. So, it's not entirely unreasonable that it would have shown up in a PSA from that time, just unlikely that it would have been adopted by most communities yet.
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Arrrgh!! I came to work today with me scruffy beard, me Skellington bandana and me parrot perched upon me shoulder, and what do I get? A bunch of whiney land-lubbers that taint never heard of Talk Like A Pirate Day, and think I should be shipped off to Davey Jones locker....Arrr!! Think I'll make them all walk the plank...
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Buildersent, I'm not going to get into a flame war on Wil's board here, so this is all I'll say on this matter. Get a better grasp on the facts of all this before you write things like this. Pay attention to the actual context of a given statement or situation. Look up the whole speech or history and then decide, as opposed to just hearing a 30 second news bite (or, in the case of Fox, news manipulation), and letting any of the pundits dictate your feelings for you. Maybe Obama won't be the motivator for change that I, and many others, are hoping for, but at least I can say that my decision to support him was based on looking at the whole picture available, reading all of that speech, or trying to empathize with the people involved and understand their motivations. Whereas, I can see from these comments, that you haven't looked any further than the out of context statements repeated over and over on the news. Inform your ideas and thoughts with context and facts. Please. Ken
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Wil, My wife and I periodically order praying mantis egg cases, lady bugs, etc. Most years there aren't many that survive, but once in a while we get lucky. We had one that hatched what looked like hundreds of mantises, and for a few years thereafter, we would see several mantises wandering the yard or clinging to the house. The best part was actually getting to watch with my kids as all of those little guys came pouring out of a case that you would swear hasn't got anywhere near enough room to hold them. Ken
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