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Kenneth Sheffield
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Trayvon hung around the 7-11 for several minutes after he bought the skittles and watermelon juice and almost certainly receive a blunt from one of the three men who went in after him and bought three blunts. This is on the released video from the 7-11, but you have to watch the unedited version to figure it out. But Tray didn't have the blunt on him at the fight scene, and tox report indicates he didn't smoke it. So what happened to it? Also the button he had been wearing at the 7-11 and which Zimmy described was not on his hoody where it had been. It was in his pocket. It sure looks like he didn't go to the house, or he would have gotten rid of the juice an skittles. He must have ditched the blunt somewhere, put the button in his pocket and circled back to confront Zim. Just like Zim said.
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May 29, 2012