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I really miss the first roll of a character. Asking the DM if I use 4 d6 dropping the lowest die result for my stats. Asking if I can put my rolls where I want them to fit what I want to play. Realizing that with my rolls I can only play a warrior with a 14 strength and a 7 charisma even though I wanted to play a :insert class here:. Rolling my starting money and buying starter equipment. (Don't forget rope and a backpack). Deciding on a name and background story. Do I multi-class a gnome thief/illusionist like I always loved to do or do I try something new? The excitement of seeing that bandit chief having a +1 dagger in a locked chest. Simpler times with good friends. It makes me miss my best friend growing up who introduced me to AD&D. He passed away a few years back and his mom recently gave me his old AD&D starter box with a few old modules in them (Keep on the Borderlands, Slave Pits of the Undercity, etc). R.I.P. Sammy. I miss you.
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Man I wish I hadn't seen the link to the Tumblr account. To see that my geek hero hates me and we haven't even met is so depressing!
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May 20, 2011