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Ken Shipley
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I just finished watching the HBO Documentary: "No Contract No Cookies" about the Stella D'Oro factory in New York City. A wonderful mom-and pop organization that hit the big time, until the company was sold to a private equity firm. The firm asked for 30% wage cuts and other benefits concessions from the workers who struck for almost a year, sued for bargaining in bad faith and won. The company closed the factory. So Will's and Kerri's posts reminded me a lot of that.
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Wow, yes. Be proud. I saw the movie for the third (?) fourth(?) time just a few weeks ago, one of the first Stephen King stories I ever read (1983) and easily the favouritest(est) movie from his work, way to go, Rob Reiner. Way to go, all of you. I watched it through the credits and had a "wait a minute!" moment realizing only then that Vern, the heavier kid, grew up to be Jerry O'Connell, experiencing maybe just a little of what you did when you met up with him for the interview. Happy anniversary.
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Off topic (maybe) - "Stand By Me" is airing in the empty hours this morning on Turner Classic Movies and the DVR is now set to record. "Different Seasons" was the first Stephen King book I owned and made me a lifelong fan. It's a real feather in the cap to the four young boys who had to carry that whole movie.
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Hi Will. Is it a universal constant, obsessing over stuff we did when we were kids? Reminding myself I'm (the Star Trek age) 47 years old now fer chrissake just mostly reminds me how long I'm still holding on to things. How sometimes you still feel the same as when you were a kid. But I liked the story that took me in so many different emotional directions in such a short space. See, as ugly as that felt at the time it HAD to happen exactly that way so you could grow up and share it with the rest of us who could be - I don't want to say "entertained", so let me say - charmed by it. And more importantly to have that moment with your stepson on the roof. I'm writing this comment because you asked. I've reluctantly allowed TypePad to link to my Facebook account and maybe do all kinds of nasty stuff, just so I could post this. It's a privilege Typepad! Don't fuck it up! I'm only new to reading your blog and your Tumblr posts. It's been a few weeks and I'm still here because I enjoy them.
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Jun 22, 2011