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When I watched TNG the first time, even as loserish a teenager as I was, I knew that Barclay's hologram programs of Dr. Crusher and Troi weren't going to be as PG-ish and watered-down as in the episode. I just assumed that Justice had so burned the writers' fingers ("drop of a hat." "Any hat!") that they just couldn't go there. Virtual porn's impact on society is a rather interesting topic. I've heard believable arguments that, rather than the Kumbaya version of the Singularity, increasing technology will really result in the dropping of human relationships to nearly zero because of the availability of 100% realistic virtual porn. (Now THAT is a topic that TNG could of tackled, "The Cage" meets Larry Flint. Well, maybe not.)
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Number one tool to use for Macs: ClickToPlugin ( ). Makes you have big white boxes instead of Flash code, but it keeps the CPUs from trying to melt their way out of the case. Even better, for YouTube and a bunch of other places, it will auto-replace the Flash version with the HTML5 version.
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2012 on Shockwave Flash on my Macintosh at WWdN: In Exile
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Apr 6, 2011