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> And we have "hooker code", which relies on the idea of prostitutes as > unclean and unsafe. Ah, now i get what they want to imply. The first association i had was something along "you have to pay every time", like Mac-appstore vs. a debian repository. Maybe it's a regional thing, i'm from "liberal" Europe ;) > This language says a lot about programmer culture. > We have "Jimmy", the clueless new programmer, who is male > because programmers are male by default. Which is, at least in most countries i know of, just a true observation. Furthermore, if it were Jane, i bet that would lead accusations of implying female programmers are less competent. So, what name should we use to antropomporhize Cluelessness? As Jimmy's sigh proves, _no_ name does not "target" at least one person. > We have the "mad girlfriend bug", which programmers can empathize > with because they are straight males who know what it is like to > have a mad girlfriend. But, besides the empathizing, it communicates a recognizable metaphor, that, i'd argue, even asexual people of any sex will get, because of it's pervalence in sit coms, movies etc. It's like "Herculean Task", it doesnt matter that the Greek Gods are a myth as long as the meaning is transported. I don't particularly like the "Hooker Code", because it seems to me like bitching about Prostitution witout adding worth to the metaphor, but objecting die Jimmy seems a little bit paranoid to me.
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@Dummyacctforsso: > Another part of the problem is that unless you know exactly > how OpenID works and what to expect, you're in for a truly > hellish experience By sheer luck, i guess, I never had this experience. I use openid for my own web services, because until now, it seemed easy and elegant to me. As someone who had to suffer, do you have any suggestions on how to improve the exeprience?
@Dummyacctforsso: "I don't have an OpenID account and the last time I tried to navigate through that kafkaesque nightmare it took me two hours." It seems you have a slight missconception what openid is. There is no one definitve provider you have to navigate through. You may create a throwaway account on the fly without any registration through services like this (although some site maintainer may find that rude), completely without the need to click for two hours. Also, you mention you have a gmail account. Afaik, your google accout allows for OpenID authentification. Just use as your OpenID-url
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Jun 19, 2012