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One big Problem with the perception of Programming is imho, that the "thought leaders" have nice Jobs, and nice Problems. We tend to see the shitty aspects of the job as the exception to the rule: real programmers think about "getting things done", scaling, architecture, testing, teambuilding and all the cool things blogs like "coding horror" and "signal vs noise" are all about, and not about how to survive Meetings in which one has to explain to the non-technical supervisor that it is not our fault that some thirdparty system doesnt even manage to create well-formed xml while lying to our faces about the fact, or that we really would like to get 2 hours of uninterupted work done. Maybe it's the "two job markets"-thing, maybe it's a cultural thing (Essen, Germany is not Silicon Valley), maybe i suck completely and noone good would hire me, maybe it's just bad luck. But until now, i never had - or even knew someone who had - a Job that gets more than 4 points in "The Joel's Test". I want to be a programmer, as described in "The Pragmatic Programmer". I don't want to be a programmer as described in "Dilbert". And getting older i fear being a programmer - safe a few exceptions - is Dilbert.
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Jun 12, 2013