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Kero Hazel
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By reading your article, I feel like I just found a whole roll of quarters that was stuck in between the couch cushions! Thank you, Wil! I wanted to mention that I got to meet the owner of that La Crescenta Shakey's. I have no idea if he was the owner when you were there, but he was there when I had my own "Centipede experience" (for me, it was Bubble Bobble). Anyway, the guy now runs this awesome motel in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho called the Flamingo Motel. I just randomly bumped into him when I stayed there last summer. I wonder what he'd say if he read this?
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Started using Twitter again. Saw this update on wilw. LOLed. I love Twitter. (Also, I now type everything in <= 140 characters.)
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ur in his comix, giving us lulz. All lolcat-speak aside, you did a fantastic job. I'm not a regular PvP reader, but from what I have read, I can say this is definitely up to par with Scott's best stuff.
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I'm trying to figure out if El Guapo is a reference to Bas Rutten, the villain from The Three Amigos, or something far more sinister. Regardless, I'll see if I can make it tonight. I'll be inside the 3rd school bus.
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