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I've been on Sportscenter.
Interests: Michigan, football, sports, detroit, finding employment
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Yea, Crisler Center doesn't sound right, at least not yet.
All I said was it was interesting that UM is 38th, and MSU 55th, seeing as we all heard how difficult MSU's schedule was. Do I agree with those rankings? Not necessarily. Just interesting.
or 5-1, 4-2, 3-3, 2-4, 1-5, 0-6. Hypotheticals don't solve anything.
I never said that MSU's turnovers were great plays by Wisconsin. I didn't even address the MSU turnovers. There was one fumble, that I honestly don't even remember. On the other side, one of the interceptions was a good play by the MSU player. The other was on a mind-boggling decision to telegraph a throw to a full back in double coverage. That was all Wilson. I don't necessarily agree with the Sagarin rankings, but it is interesting to see the positions of both of those teams on the SOS list since we heard about that 'brutal october.'
Yea, he was asked, but from now on, he's going to be asked after every big win because of the little giants comment. It's becoming his shtick. But he did praise his offensive coordinator for calling a hail mary. It was a gutsy call, I must say. And Cousins had a solid day. His best throw was on that two point conversion for sure. But the reason he didn't have a better game than Wilson is that Wilson was asked to do more, and he provided more for his offense. His first pick seemed like a miscommunication with Toon. The safety was interesting because if you asked him, I bet he believed he broke the pocket when he rolled out left, meaning you can reenter the pocket and it not be intentional grounding. But he need to be smarter and absolutely sure he broke the tackle box. It didn't appear as if he did, but it was close. And the 2nd pick was a DERP moment. That was the play they scored the first touchdown on, but you can't throw it up for grabs with a fullback in double coverage. Bottom line is that Wilson did more for his team and elevated their play. Cousins did what he was supposed to, and played mistake free. I think they both played very well. I just thought Wilson did more for his team.
He just praised his O-coordinator for calling a hail mary. It's just because standard for him to come over and smugly tell the sideline reporter what the name of the play is. I disagree about the Cousins vs. Wilson thing. I watched the game, and I thought Wilson was the better player. He made something out of nothing. On the other hand, Cousins wasn't asked to do that. Rather, he gave the ball to the players on his offense that go out and make something out of nothing, i.e. the Cunningham and Martin td's. And about that Keshawn Martin touchdown, what defense was that? He's lined up in the slot, and you are gonna defend him with your MLB, who is lined up behind his nose tackle? Why don't you just give him the trophy. And regarding the penalties, I think the fact they had zero in this game shows something. They have the ability to played smart, disciplined football, but CHOSE not to against UM. That's why they played a dirty game against UM, but I never called them Thug U. You gotta stop categorizing me with the stereotypical UM fan.
Good call on the Bishop Gallagher. I'll edit it. I haven't listened to them regularly in a year or longer. I've heard bits and pieces here and there. But if I'm driving 2-6, it's ipod for me. But I said I wanted to listen to the show this week because it's UM-MSU week, and he gets me excited for the game. The brief chance I got to hear it the other day, he sounded frustrated with the rivalry, and then I read his blog post, which I linked, and I understand what he's saying. And I hope to hear more this week. And apparently there's something going on with Marcus Ray? I'll check that out. I'm all-in when it's UM-MSU week. And I think he means it when he's ripping on MSU (see: Kalin Lucas, Durrell Summers criticism). But last year when he would say stuff about UM, it seemed backhanded, and that became more and more obvious as callers annoyed him and his true feelings came out. But the point of the whole post is his impact on the rivalry, positive and negative, and despite my lack of listening lately, I have heard enough over the last few years to come to a solid conclusion. I also peep his twitter from time to time. He's always so angry on there haha. And everything else you said I am going to cover tomorrow. A little "state of the rivalry address" or something. I dunno. But here's a spoiler. MSU is a pretty good team, and is capable of beating UM. :)
Well it's in my encyclopedia under "made up words." So there. I'll have in-depth stuff this week about the main event going down on saturday. These are just short predictions.
Please elaborate.
Everything I do, I do it for you.
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