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Kevin Tarr
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Call Congresswoman debra wasserman, I am being tortured by US Gov now and since 1996. I tried to sue but was denied. US torts branch - dept of army - 03-351-T064, filed in 2003, said I sued wrong agency and not within 2 years of finding electronic implant in my gums. Also When tried to change my name and ask for original birth cert. from Dallas General hospital was told I had a death certificate number also. The gov is using advanced torture techniques on me, every year its a different form of torture. My name is Kevin Tarr, Fort Lauderdale. The advanced torture techniques is like just saying i have died or wanted to die over a 100 times. In fact unless you want to die its not torture that I found out. I am on food stamps and family members travel the world and make money on the defence department. I ride a bike since 1998.
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An Associate or reader of yours found my post regarding Japan I thought it was done with space based weapons. In any event I have been tortured since 1996. I thought it was the CIA or NSA and in 2003 filed suit and lost since the US Department of Army under US torts branch - dept of army - 03-351-T064 said I sued the wrong agency. For the past year I believed it was DARPA doing experiments on me. I have become an expert on mind control and being bionic. If you see my facebook page you will see a letter I mailed explaining much more. Like I was adopted by the people your are going after. I believe they wanted to show the world what they can do to a person by making him a robot or a slave. Maybe even selling the technology to China. I always new about the shadow government, but your articles really make sense making it all clear for the public to see. Know I am not sure if I can sue the US Government for torture over 14 years since its may be this Cabal or as my mom likes to call them "the force". You should also know that during the torture my adopted father would say "fight the demons" or you'll get through. Where my step father would say "they will let up". Glad to see your out there. Keep in touch.
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Apr 17, 2012